Modern Kitchen Design with Retro Style: Pantone 2016 Meets Big Chill!

Welcome to my modern retro kitchen!

When I was invited by Lisa Tilley, Community Coordinator for Big Chill, to create a style board, well I was excited! You see, Big Chill specializes in cutting edge retro inspired kitchen appliances. They are designed based on the look of Mid-Century models, but with more function and space than Betty Draper would know what to do with!

And the colours? Oo-la-la, the colours!

Big Chill Standard Colours

These are the standard colours offered by Big Chill, but don’t fret. If you want something else there are over 200 custom colours to choose from!

For my style board, I was challenged to use a Big Chill stove as the centerpiece. We know the stove is the heart of the kitchen, and with these stoves, no need to question centerpiece! Now if you’ve followed along with Pantone’s dual colour surprise of the year, then you know it’s all about Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz. And of course, Big Chill can accommodate!

I have created two identical style boards for you to see just how incredible the heart of the kitchen can be!

The first style board features Big Chill’s fabulous 36″ retro stove in Pink Lemonade topped by the matching retro Bungalow Hood.

Retro Modern Kitchen - Big Chill Pink Lemonade

In keeping with the retro inspired stove, I chose to go with classic black and white tile flooring. And because I am a fan of industrial chic, have gone in that direction with the pendant lighting and the brick behind the stove. The marble clock, artwork and area rug bring in a few modern touches, and the vintage teacup and Mid-Century pitcher shake hands with the era that inspired the stove. I picture exposed raw beams with large, undressed windows, and maybe stainless, quartz or concrete countertops. I envision a simple table with dark, watered down stain applied to the top, paired with sleek mismatched EamesWegner and Cherner chairs…

In the second style board you see the same stove and range hood featured in Big Chill’s versatile Beach Blue.

Retro Modern Kitchen - Big Chill Beach Blue

I have left the Rose Quartz swatch in the mix to demonstrate just how versatile this Beach Blue is. I wanted you to see that pairing Rose Quartz and Beach Blue in the kitchen in no way feels like the nursery of pink and blue twins!

And when you take a second look at the teacup, notice how each feature colour gets pulled in. The key when working with these modernized retro colours is to let them steal the show! Everything else in the room should play a supporting role, but never try to compete.

If you could pick one of the nine colours above, which colour would you choose? If you could only pick between Pink Lemonade or Beach Blue, what would you do? And how would you work with Pantone’s 2016 shades of pink and blue?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

I was invited to write this post, but this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Style Boards also created by me.






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  • Oh, how fun!! That Big Chill website was very, very cool!! Back here I liked the second photo with the Beach Blue stove because it incorporated a little of the Rose Quartz versus the first board which just had the pinks. Both are most welcome in my kitchen though!!

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