A Sweet Baribocraft Love Story…

Three years ago I fell in love with these vintage bowls by Baribocraft, and we’ve been going steady ever since!

Vintage Baribocraft Salad Bowls

If Baribocraft is new to you, they were a Canadian company out of Montreal during the late 1950s-70s that specialized in the production of maple and teak woodenware. I wrote an article about Baribocraft here, and at the time only had these bowls to feature, along with sourced images to share. Today nearly all of the pieces featured in the article are my very own, swapped out along the way as I was lucky enough to find them.

But my love affair with Baribo is not the love story I have for you on Valentines Day! The one I’m sharing is so sweet and, in my opionion, is love on many levels…

Hi Sheila,

I have a the tall pepper grinder and salt shaker you show on your webpage. My parents had been on vacation at some point in the late 50′s or early 60′s and my mother fell in love with a pepper grinder (a previously unknown item to her) in a restaurant. My father went back the next day to find out where they came from and he bought them as a gift for her. I am 65 years old and my parents have long since passed, but, I use that pepper mill every day, and it is still grinding well!!! That is a testament to the quality of Baribocraft!

Isn’t this amazing? I love this story and am so grateful to Janice for sharing this beautiful moment with us, a moment that has lingered and spanned the decades.

This is the Baribocraft salt and pepper set like Janice has, and is one of the more rare finds in my treasure hunts. Aren’t they stunning?

Baribocraft Salt & Pepper Set - Kaleigh's

I found them 2 years ago, cleaned them up with TLC and conditioned them with butcher block oil. This set was claimed by my daughter Kaleigh for her own future home! It makes me happy that a young person of today sees the same special ‘something’ in vintage Baribo that Janice’s mother saw back in the day of what was new Baribo. Isn’t that what the love of vintage is all about!

I’ve been blogging for almost four years now, and my Baribo article has generated a lot of interest and stories along the way. To really get a sense of Baribocraft’s impact on people’s lives, take a read through the comment thread spanning the last few years here. It really gives you a sense of how Baribo was more than woodenware. It has truly played a role in the heart of home.

Baribocraft is a part of Canadian history, a legacy of their own, and Baribo pieces are treasures to hold dear!

Who knew back then I would still be going steady with Baribo now, and be featuring Baribocraft pieces in an online boutique called Audrey Would! :-)

Happy Valentines Day!

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A Chic New Look With Country Chic Paint!

I thrifted this sad little table almost a year ago; you might remember this shot I shared back then of my rescue piece. The lamp, however, was SO left behind!

Leather Topped End Table 'Before'

Overall the table was in pretty rough shape, other than the leather top. When my daughter Kaleigh saw it she wanted to make it hers – after a DIY of course! ;-) She wanted it black, I wasn’t so sure, and she insisted the vintage knobs needed to go. Huh?

I found replacement vintage knobs at General Salvage early in the game.

Replacement Knobs

That’s basically where the DIY was left.

Fast forward to Country Chic Paint, a new quality chalk paint local to Duncan, and suddenly this table was front of mind!

Country Chic Paint (1)

With the leather top to consider, I wasn’t too keen on extra sanding and priming, and with this paint I could leave out both! Country Chic Paint requires little to no prep, has no VOCs, is near odorless and dries quickly. Bonus!! I think you know where I’m going with this.

One can of Liquorice coloured Country Chic Paint for the makeover!

Country Chic 'Liquorice' Chalk Paint

Before I could begin I had to do a little prep. Some gluing and repairs were needed where one spindle had broken away from the table base.

Leather Top End Table Repairs

And because the table was in such tough shape I actually did do some pre-sanding to smooth the rough patches and edges a little.

Leather Top End Table - Sanding Prep

The table also had a glossy finish on it,  so a light sanding helps the paint stick. Priming is actually recommended for certain surfaces like mahogany, but I opted out of the priming because of the darker colour it was being painted. I wasn’t worried about bleed through from resins in the wood, but I’ve had that misfortune in the past. More on that here!

I also protected the leather top by covering it with paper and taping it off. I made sure the paper went over the gold leaf tooling because I was worried the tape might pull the gold off.

Leather Top End Table - Tabletop Prep 2

The last thing I did was raise the table on pushpins. This is a great trick for painting right to the bottom of the legs!


I used a synthetic bristle paintbrush, and ended up cutting the handle off because it kept getting in the way of painting the lower shelf!

Leather Top Table Makeover - Synthetic Paint Brush

The paint was a dream to work with. It went on easily, dried quickly and no lumps were left behind. The best part… no sanding needed between coats!

Leather Top End Table - 1st & 2nd Coats Paint

I actually liked the look after the first coat – some of the original brown was peeking through, but Kaleigh wasn’t game. She also didn’t want me to do any distressing – one of the very things chalk paint is so awesome for! After the second coat I let the paint dry overnight, and then applied the finishing wax. All the waxes are made up of bees wax and other natural oils. No solvents!

I applied natural coloured wax first as a protective layer, and here you can see the waxy shine next to the unwaxed chalky surface.

Leather Top Table - Wax Coats

I used the antiquing wax for a second round because I wanted to tone down the black of the liquorice. The antiquing wax did the trick adding just the hint of brown I was hoping for. If you compare the bottom table image to the one above it you can see the difference.

One of the reasons for this tutorial is to demonstrate that chalk paint is versatile. It is commonly used for antiquing, distressing and giving pieces an aged look, but as you can see it is also great for a shiny finished look!

Here’s a look at the stages.


Leather Top Table Makeover - Before

Chalk Paint applied, but no wax:

Leather Top Table Makeover - In Progress - Chalk Paint Only

Antiquing wax applied and leather top treated with leather conditioner.

Leather Top Table - After 011

Notice how the liquorice colour pulls out the black tooling detail in the border and makes it pop?

Here’s a closer look…

Leather Top Table - After 076

In the lower left corner you can also see the brownish hue of the antiquing wax along the beveled edge of the table.

What do you think? Are you ready for a brandy??

Leather Top Table - After 074

Thank you Country Chic Paint for introducing me to your product!

And thank YOU for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use! :-)


A New Site for Audrey Would!

After a little over a month of working it out, I am thrilled to say Audrey Would!‘s new site is live… just in time for Valentines Day! You can expect to see more classic, sleek and glam pieces like these!

Classic Bamboo Stemmed Coupes

There will inevitably be tweaks and things to fix along the way – I’m pretty sure that’s called ‘transition’. ;-) In the mean time I would love for you to stop by and take a peek. If you see anything askew, please let me know!

There is a lot more to come, but for now I hope you like what you see!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I Know of an Affordable Castle for Sale!

That’s right, a castle for sale… and it really is affordable! Have I got your attention?

When Audrey Would! was at the Victoria Vintage Expo back in September, I met a gentleman and we struck up a conversation. Fast forward to the beginning of this year and I received a phone call. This gentleman is definitely selling a castle!


The castle is constructed using myrtle wood bricks, and doors and drawers of inlaid fruitwoods. It measures 71.5″ high, 19.5″ deep and 49.5″ wide.  The upper door folds down with a velvet lined interior measuring 27.5″ high. This area is meant for bottles.  The bottom cupboard has two shelves and there are 2 drawers.  It is priced at $595.00.

Have you figured it out yet?

Why yes, this castle is a custom home bar!

If you are looking for a well-made unique home bar, then this is the home bar for you! For more information please contact the seller direct.

Iain, 250-656-9966 (Victoria, BC  Canada)

Oh, and speaking of vintage fairs… Audrey Would! will be participating on Saturday only with this one coming up! Visit the FB page here for more details. Would love to see you there!

VintAGEous Fair 2014

PS – I’m curious, did you think I was serious when I said I knew of an affordable castle for sale? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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A Little Grape-a, A Little Grappa!

Over the weekend we had a few friends in for  hors d’œuvres and cocktails. For a sweet nibble to wind the evening down hubs decided to go with a Jamie Oliver recommendation – frozen grapes, dark and milk chocolate chunks… and Grappa!

Grappa, Frozen Grapes, Chocolate

The frozen grapes and chocolate were a hit with me, but the Grappa, well… do you know Grappa?

Grappa is a fragrant, grape-based brandy that originated in Italy, and comes in a wide variety of options. I can see why it is paired with frozen grapes and chocolate, I just didn’t really connect my own taste buds with it!

The highlight for me was instead, the beautiful vintage cordial glass it was served in! Here’s a closer look at the hand blown blue-amber beauty!

Grappa, Frozen Grapes, Chocolate

Hubs also enjoyed using a vintage Baribomaid board to serve everything on. This classic board, made by Baribocraft Canada, belongs to him but the glasses will be available at Audrey Would! along with many Baribocraft pieces… did you know that Jamie Oliver collects Baribocraft Salad bowls? Watch for all this and more on the new site!

I hope you’re having a great week. I’m hoping to have Audrey Would!’s new site launched by Monday, so that’s what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be doing until then!

If you’ve had Grappa, how did you like it?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use! :-)

The Quickest DIY EV.ER!

I just wanted to quickly say, ‘thank you’ to everyone who stopped by my blog last week and showered me with such support. I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you. :-)

And for this week, the quick and easy DIY I promised!

On one of my treasure seeking outings I picked up two of these 20″ tempered glass tabletop rounds. No plan in mind, but for $7.50 a piece how does a DIYer just walk away?

Tempered Glass Tabletop Round

We have a huge Anthurium plant that usually sits on top of our fireplace, but through the winter months it gets way too hot when the fire is on. Normally we just move it to another surface, but when I decorated for Christmas I found myself without a place to put it!

I have two black ceramic vases and floor tiles kicking around…

Black Vase

Black Ceramic Tile

And sometimes they come in handy to create an Audrey Would! display.

Audrey Would - Vintage Fair Victoria

Which gave me an idea!

At the top of our stairs was a perfect ‘temporary’ spot for a tall, narrow stand. But instead of placing the tile on top of the vase I used it for a base, and placed the tempered glass on the vase in its place.

Here’s a look at my easiest DIY ev.er! In 5 minutes and with no other supplies, a table for our Anthurium was in place.

Anthurium Stand

It has worked out perfectly, but soon I’ll be trying it out in a different spot in our home. Stay tuned to see where it ends up!

Oh, and if this set-up is needed for Audrey, well it’s easy enough to undo. ;-)

How about you? What quick solutions have you pulled together mainly because you’ve got the pieces on hand to use?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller – please credit and link if you choose to use!

A Day in the Life Of…

Good morning!

When I opened up my day this morning, I discovered that I have been chosen as Blogger of the Week in our Canadian Bloggers group! What a huge surprise, a mind-boggling honour, and a great start to my week. Thank you so much Heather from Inspire Me Heather – you inspire me, truly!!

A Day in the Life of…

Here’s a quick, un-staged shot of where I work – don’t judge the ‘excess’! ;-) I thought it was a great place to show you where I start my day! My wall decal is from Danielle at Urbanwalls, the print by Nancy Marcus of Marcus Design Inc., and you might recognize the DIY bookcase I wrote about here.

Audrey Would Wall Decal

I actually have a DIY post that’s been in the works for a while now, but keeps getting delayed because of, well… a day in the life of my new reality called Audrey Would! But it gets better than that, and my fellow bloggers, e-tailers, I know you’ll understand!

On any given day this is what my entrance might look like.

A Day in the Life of - Boxes of Treasures

Boxes of treasure finds! No, I’m not a hoarder, just a treasure seeker!!

And then these treasures make their way to my table, so if you pop by you might see something like this.

A Day in the Life of - Table of Treasures

Pieces waiting to be catalogued into Audrey’s inventory… most pieces, that is ;-). My table doesn’t stay like this for long since we have to eat dinner somewhere!

And then my kitchen counter might be in a state of this.

A Day in the Life of - Cleaning Product

Yes, I hand wash every single treasure that makes its way home with me, and when the area is full, I get down to drying so there are no water marks or streaks left on the pieces. No, I don’t put anything in the dishwasher – vintage treasures generally should not be washed like that!

This is when I get to really inspect a piece for imperfections and flaws I might have missed ‘out on the street’. I try to only list pristine vintage pieces, but if you are wondering, always check the condition in the listing details to make sure. Some pieces are just that hard to find!! After this I shelve the new-found treasures and begin the photographing and listing process – bloggers, I know  you can appreciate!

When an order comes in it gets bundled up and ready to ship like this.

A Day in the Life of - Bubble Wrapped Items

And set into a box of biodegradable peanuts like this!

A Day in the Life of - Biodegradable Peanuts

Off to Canada Post I go! That’s how I ship treasures your way.

That’s a basic day in the life of me, Sheila@AudreyWould!

Where have I been?

This last month I’ve been in the the process of creating a whole new e-commerce site as the result of a technical program glitch they can’t seem to fix. :-/ Wasn’t exactly in the plans quite this soon! It’s kind of like redoing your blog site, and bloggers, I know you get that, too!! But with change comes good things, and I’m really excited to say I’m very close to getting back to ‘a day in the life of…’!

What’s next?

I can’t wait for you to see Audrey’s new site. From behind the scenes, it’s faster and easier to work with, and has more options to choose from. Part of the change will be my blog integration. I’ll be writing just one blog, here at sZinteriors, so you’ll get a well-rounded scoop on what’s happening. As a result you’ll see a few subtle changes to sZinteriors, but in a way, coming full circle. I’m planning to bring back some of my earlier focus on vintage pieces and designers of the time, and hopefully with example pieces I’m lucky enough to stock in Audrey Would!

Yes, I will still be DIYing!

Of course I won’t stop DIYing, so there will be lots of that, too! And yes, that poor, in limbo quick & easy DIY post is on its way soon!

Thanks for sticking by! For that there are not enough words of gratitude.

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Reflections from 2013 and what lies ahead!

This year has been a crazy whirlwind of treasure hunting, DIYing and change!

Piano Bench Makeover

Piano Bench Makeover from a Used Find

With change along came Audrey Would!, my online vintage boutique where I get to feature classic cocktail pieces and entertainment ware. Every day is a new day for me at Audrey, and I’m learning as I go.

Audrey Would! Vintage Home

Audrey Would! – A Boutique for Vintage Barware and Entertainment Pieces

Part of this exciting adventure has me figuring out on a daily basis how to focus on all that life has to offer. That means prioritizing, juggling, contemplating, making choices and balancing. Hubs isn’t too fond of the whole work-life-balance buzz we hear and read so much about these days, but you know what, I think that’s exactly what Audrey Would! is challenging me to do – figure out my work-life balance!

Overflowing Filing Tray

Organizing Your Filing: Tips to a 5-Step Purge!

So you will definitely see me here at sZinteriors in 2014 with more DIYing and sharing as I go. I love my life here and connecting with each of you – thank you for being so supportive, patient and always so great!

You will also find me spending time over at Audrey Would! I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of all things cocktail vintage, and am so excited to share that with you! And yes, I do write a blog over at Audrey, too!

Here’s to you and yours on the last eve of 2013, and wishing you the very best for 2014! Hang on for the ride, because I think 2014 is going to be a great one!!

Sophie Conran Champagne Flute

Orange Blossom Cocktail!


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Photographs by Sheila Zeller – please credit and link if you choose to use!

DIYer Good Intentions – How It Saved A Christmas Tree!

This year we’re starting a week later in getting our Christmas decorating on the go, but that was a deliberate decision. Last year our fresh tree and cedar boughs were way too dry by the time we took everything down. I’m not ready to take you on a photo tour just yet, but here’s a look back a last year’s, and a sneak peek of this year’s tree below…

Imagine waking up to our just decorated tree leaning way to the right? Especially when we fiddled with it’s corkscrew trunk to make sure it was not only straight in the stand, but also secure!

Christmas Tree - Multi-Coloured Lights

So where does the DIYing come in?

Well, for some hoarding reason I saved the disc scrap we cut off last year’s tree trunk. I had aspirations  for a rainy day project, but even though the rainy days came and went, the project never happened.

The little disc however, has now become the wedge we needed to keep this year’s tree secure and upright. Even though I grew up in a logging family, I draw the line at guy-lines on the Christmas Tree – NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN!! ;-)

Moral of the story – saving your good intentions might come in handy down the road! Beware, this could become a hoarding habit!

Do you have any tips for keeping your tree upright and straight through the Holidays? What kind of tree stand do you use?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jamie Oliver’s Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo

Did you happen to see this photo on Facebook?

Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo Recipe

Hubs made this dish using local fresh fare: squash from Makaria Farm, and pasta from KilRenny farm. The pasta was a-ma-zing!

Fresh Kilrenny Farm Pasta


He used Jamie Oliver’s Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo recipe, which I decided was just way too delish not to share! If you like pasta and healthy goodness, then you have to try this.

We’ve been watching Jamie’s new show on the Food network, Save With Jamie. It’s pretty incredible just how far you can stretch your groceries and your budget once you learn a few tips. Jamie has a million, but let me just say, I would never have thought to freeze and reuse a lemon that was roasted in a chicken! I can’t explain – it’s easier if you watch the show!!

Jamie also has a new book out,  Save with Jamie. You might want to add it to your wish list! I know it’s on hub’s list!! ;-)

Jamie Oliver - Save With Jamie - 450

 {Photo: Chapters Indigo}

The book is available online at Chapters Indigo, but you’ll also find it in a number of outlets. If you live near a Thrifty’s, they not only have this book, but they have a whole Jamie section set up with all kinds of Jamie treats… and you can also collect stamps at the check-out to begin your collection of Jamie’s dinnerware.

Are you a Jamie Oliver fan? Are you watching his new show?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated. Please credit & link if you choose to use!! :-)