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San Francisco Vintage Just Around the Corner

San Francisco Vintage Just Around the Corner

If you’ve been following along then you know I’ve been having fun in the sun in San Francisco this past week. And I can tell you, I now know first-hand why Tony Bennett sang about leaving his heart in SF – yes, I have fallen in…

Why Do I Love Vintage?

Why Do I Love Vintage?

Why do I love vintage? I attended an estate sale yesterday that was run by the family members, and as pieces were contemplated by those of us looking to buy, stories and memories were shared. I felt privileged to be in the midst, as it…

What Does Treasure Hunting Look Like Anyway?

What Does Treasure Hunting Look Like Anyway?

By now you know I love to get lost searching for treasures in tucked away places. And if you’re not into this, then I bet you’re wondering what a day of digging for gold really looks like, right?

Here’s a little run-down, a few tips before you set out:

1. Take your own bags.

Heather McLeod - Makaria Farm

Some thrift stores are starting to charge for their bags, and many rely on bags by donation. Why not save a bag – notice my friend Heather’s cloth bag slung over her shoulder?

2. Plan to pay with cash.

Cash Only Sign - Etsy - Cinda Shop

{via Etsy – Cinda Shop}

Some thrifting outlets will accept cash only; smaller bills and coin are best.

3. Keep handi-wipes and/or hand sanitizer with you – if you thrift you’ll know why!

Vintage Cannisters Turq&Blk $3

4. If you see something you love, buy it.

Angie's Fondue Pot Find

Like this vintage fondue pot my friend Angie pulled from a pile! If you wait, chances are it’ll be gone next time you’re in.

5. When in doubt, snap a quick photo.

Butt Ugly Mushroom Cookie Jar

Text it to your trusted voice of reason for a second opinion! There are times you’ll be glad you did, LOL! Heather pranked my poor, unsuspecting hubs – had him second guessing whether or not I was really serious about this keeper of a piece. Might be rare vintage afterall! 😉

6. Know your prices.

Baribocraft Bowls Salad Side Bowls

I’m noticing a shift upward in the pricing, and that’s fair, but just beware that thifting isn’t always the bargain basement you’d think.  These are vintage Baribocraft bowls I just happened to spy, and I can tell you that I’ve seen them priced all across the board!

7. Practice the one-in, one out rule. Hand over a bag of donations along the way!

8. And last thing…

Dinner at the Noodle Box

Don’t forget to eat, and drink lots of water!

Treasure hunting can be so much fun… you just never know when or where you’ll find something cool and unique.

Like this vintage West Bend cake carrier, c. 1950s-60s. Pretty cool, huh?

Retro West Bend Cake Carrier

It caught my eye when I was spending the day with my Kelowna pal, Carol (The Design Pages and mastermind behind The Bright Box). Did you enter the Bright Box giveaway yet? Better hurry, there’s only a few hours left!

Happy hunting!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated.

Vintage Tins & Railroad Tracks

Vintage Tins & Railroad Tracks

Vintage tins and railroad tracks. What do they have in common? Well… This is a vintage MJB coffee tin commemorating ‘the’ monumental moment of 1869. The completion of the American Transcontinental Railroad. Even though I peeled the tape back I know it’s hard to read the…

Warming It Up Vintage Style

Warming It Up Vintage Style

My hubs just celebrated his birthday… here’s a little peek at some of his birthday bootie! The black C R letters in the background are vintage metal letters from old signs – you guessed it, in his initials! I picked these up at Trade Roots in Victoria,…

The Reveal of Gran’s Hidden Treasures

The Reveal of Gran’s Hidden Treasures

Remember my Gran’s sewing basket from last week? Well, today I’m revealing the other vintage surprises I found inside.

Let’s start with these…

A partially strung necklace of pearls and a handful of loose pearl beads stored in an old Bayers Aspirin bottle! Do you remember seeing the bottle in the sewing basket?

And this…

Another partially beaded necklace, this one a double strand of pearls, tucked inside an old Pentracin Lozenges bottle.

Gran had lots of partially beaded pieces, and I often wonder if she was creating or salvaging. Having lived through the Great Depression, she was known to save all kinds of things. She would be a great role model in today’s world of the three R’s!

I really love the red beads. The little red flowery ones are painted brass, and I think they’re pretty old. Do you know how old they might be?

And I wonder about these ornate clasps… what kind of necklace did they secure?

Did you notice the rhinestones? Aren’t they pretty little clasps?

And here’s another clasp mixed in with vintage round disc mother of pearl beads.

I found similar beads on Etsy, 20 for $10! Who knew? The flakes you see are from a few of the broken beads…

I can’t figure out what this little strand of amethyst beads might be from.

But I love them anyway. My Mom’s birthstone was amethyst, so these create a little extra special meaning for me.

When I discovered this rare vintage cigarette tin c. 1930s-40s, I started to laugh.

My Gran WAS.NOT a smoker. Oh no siree. She did not drink alcohol, did not wear makeup, and definitely would not have put a cigarette to  her lips. Which might explain the mint condition of this tin!

Here’s what was inside…

Vintage seed beads and strands of black sequins. And of course, a few more partially strung pieces.

Did you notice the beaded lattice in the bottom right? Here’s a closer look at it.

Two beaded lattice pieces, and a little glass bottle with matching beads. I’m thinking this was, or was going to be a choker. How about you?

Here’s a look at a few of the old glass bottles Gran stored some of these beads in.

And here’s a look at a few I’ve added to the mix.

Dollar Store Glass Craft Bottles

I found these at the Dollar Store!

And just for fun, here are a few of the other things that were tucked away in the sewing basket.

Vintage fishing line…

I’m guessing this was used to bead with, but isn’t fishing line a staple for every crafter’s kit?

What do you think about this glitter glue pen? I bet today’s glitter pens are a lot easier to use!

And how about this mirror metallic glitter in a glass bottle? I love it!

I saved this last little treasure for last…

I don’t know if my grandmother embroidered these butterflies, or if she saved them from the work of another. I do know this could easily be her work, because she was incredible with her hands, and her embroidery was almost flawless.

This is the front of the piece…

And this is the back!

Isn’t it hard to tell the difference? The butterfly in the middle is the clue.

It’s so much fun to find hidden treasures inside of treasures. I don’t know what I’m going to do with everything yet, but I do know one of these days I’m going to do something. What would you do?

Oh, BTW, there was one more very cool item in the bottom of the sewing basket, but I thought I’d save it for another day. I’m hoping I can unearth a little bit of its history first! Nicole Scott, it made me think of you 😉

I’ve been featured over at Junkin Joe’s once again. Thank you so much Andrea for being such a super-duper host!



Thanks Savvy Mom for publishing this article in Savvy Stories ‘Home’!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller

Thrifting… Lamp It Up!

Thrifting… Lamp It Up!

Featured by  Thank you so much, Heather! . I haven’t had a chance to get my thrift on since before the Holidays. Can you feel my pain? Well, finally that all changed 🙂 A few friends and I hit the trail to look for treasures…

Sparkling, Spectacular Vintage Murano!

Sparkling, Spectacular Vintage Murano!

Yes, I did a little thrifting on the mainland a few weeks back, and even brought home some treasures. My friend Carol showed me the NorthShore stops, and she sure knows how to pick them! Check out what she found here. I looove her antique…

Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!

Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!

Last week my treasure hunting created a mystery with the large vintage shortening bin I picked up at a garage sale. And Andrea was super sweet in featuring it this week! Thank you so much for the feature, Andrea!

Well my mystery is no closer to being solved, but this week you might think I was becoming a tin collector!

Here’s what came home with me from a little treasure hunting excursion 🙂

That’s right. A vintage Empress jam can, c. 1940s-50s! That’s the tin collecting part, but I’m not actually ‘collecting’ tins… yet!  😉

I came home with this great little vintage piece. Love the old cardboard luggage, though this one might have been a briefcase!

This old glass bottle was also part of the mix. The glass at the bottom is super thick, and poured on an angle.

I don’t know what it was used for, but I thought it was kind of cool. I also liked this wine carafe because of its shape. Most the ones you find are round from bottom to top.

So these are my treasure finds this week! A little vintage and a lot of loooove!

When I bought the jam tin, the cashier asked me what I planned to do with it. I told her it might hold pens and pencils on my desk! What would you do with it?

Today I’m heading back over to the Junkin Joe Linky Party, ’cause the last one was just way too much fun! I hope you pop over and check out all the other vintage treasures, projects and thrifty finds!

And here’s a special shout out toAndrea at The Cottage Market for hosting! Thank you, Andrea!!!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller; please link and credit if you choose to use!

Vintage Linen Tea Towels

Vintage Linen Tea Towels

Linen tea towels are a kitchen’s delight. Did you know that linen dries faster than tea towels made from other fabrics? Linen can last a lifetime, and if you’re asking me, I say it’s the way to go! Source: The Kitchn Here’s a look at…