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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Have any plans for some fun in the sun? Source: Etsy – Banjo MDF Shop Looking for some ideas? Source: Picnics in the Park Blog . Source: Raggy Girl Vintage Blog . Source: Home Spy Shopping Blog . Source: Jackie Fogurtie Events Blog . Source:…

What Colour Are Those Antique Windows?

What Colour Are Those Antique Windows?

Do you remember these antique windows I bought back in the summer? Well, my brother was over the other day and he asked if they were blue or gray. I’ve always looked at them as gray, but decided to get out my Benjamin Moore colour…

Vintage Porcelain Door Knobs

Vintage Porcelain Door Knobs

When I shared my post on vintage glass door knobs, it was a huge hit. People love glass door knobs, and as one commenter shared…

 I was quite impressed with my apparent family wealth as a little girl, I mean really…who else had a gramma that could afford “diamond doorknobs”? ;)

And isn’t that the truth!

When we were out antiquing last weekend I came across this basket full of vintage knobs. And you know, porcelain door knobs are beautiful, too.

SZInteriors Photo

I love them all. I know the glass knob stands out like a sparkling diamond among the rough, but don’t you think the white porcelain knob holds its own in this crowd, too? Okay, I’ll admit, the white distressed knob demands its own attention, but we’ll save that for another day.

Seeing all these vintage knobs piled in a collectible heap, had me thinking about all the hands that turned them over time.

Source: Folk Lure Blog

And I wondered where they came from? What their next stop will be.

I love this one-of-a-kind wine stopper.

Source: Pinterest / Style Blue Print

When you see this, it’s such a reminder that the sky’s the limit for repurposing an object from one use into another.

But even just the simple beauty of vintage porcelain knobs can be appreciated for what it is.

Isn’t the patina of this antique door plate incredible?

Source: Etsy – Cracker Dog Trading

It makes the white of the porcelain knob just pop.

And so does this antique door lock.

Source: Etsy – Jack in the Box Vintage

Isn’t it gorgeous? Such attention to pretty details. No wonder vintage is in vogue!

And now with Annie Sloan chalk paint all over the scene, I couldn’t resist this blue door!

Source: Fresh Vintage Blog

Aged and weathered to perfection, I bet Annie can help you get this look.

I love the shape of this vintage porcelain knob.

Source: Just Chicken Sittin’ Blog

It makes me want to unlatch the door and step inside!

I’ve only shown you white porcelain knobs, but they come in other colours, too. The key is to find them and buy them when you do.

Source: Etsy – Maries Maison

What do you think of these ones?

There’s just something about the old knobs that can’t quite be replaced.

What are you up to this weekend? Will you be searching for something new with a vintage past?

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The Vintage Past of Kelly Green

The Vintage Past of Kelly Green

With the resurgence of Kelly Green front and center, I thought it would be fun to step back in time and see what Kelly was up to in the good old days. Do you remember this brilliant green? If you were around in the 80’s…

Grain Sacks. Oops, I Left Out the History Part!

Grain Sacks. Oops, I Left Out the History Part!

Yesterday I wrote about European grain sacks, but I really only showed you photos of how they’re being repurposed in today’s decor. I didn’t provide you with any background or history on them. So when I received a comment from my friend, Meesh over at…

Vintage Delicates for Valentine’s Decor

Vintage Delicates for Valentine’s Decor

I was intrigued a while back when I read an article in Kravet Inspired News: The History of Lace. There was a suggestion, a hint that we’ll be seeing lace again in fashion and decor. Of course, this stemming from the lace adorned wedding dress of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Here you see a close-up of the back of the dress.

Source: My Royals Blog

And ever since I read the article, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some sign of lace showing up in decor. I don’t mean to compare this stunning gown to a doily, but there is a correlation in the intricate work because both are painstakingly created by hand.

So let’s take a look at some vintage doilies and lace.

Source: Jen Ulasiewicz Designs

When you think about it, the detail involved in creating a doily is pretty incredible. Not to mention the hours of time…

I grew up with doilies in our home. I watched my Mom crochet them, my Grandmother knit them, my aunts and friends of my Mom’s making them too.

Source: Country Living

Source: Country Living

Source: Ravenhill Blog

My Grandmother also made lace trim. She sewed the trim onto pillow cases, edged fabric table cloths and runners… and these pieces were often hand embroidered by her, too.

Source: Junk to Joy Blog

I never really picked it up as a thing to do. My Mom taught me to knit, and I crocheted a few things, but never doilies or lace. I think part of that was because times were changing by the time I was learning the craft. So doilies just weren’t in my decorating box of tricks.


Source: Southern Vintage Georgia

But I am very lucky to have some beautiful pieces from both my Mom and my Grandmother. One thing to keep in mind, shaping, starching and pressing is part of the care in having them…

Source: Carolyn’s Homework Blog

And this is something I’m not very good at. Did you know there’s a fine art to this, too?

So how are doilies and lace popping up in decor?

Well definitely we’re seeing the return of  doilies in their traditional layering way,

Source: The Sweet Occasion

And lace wrapped around objects like this votive, adding a soft, feminine touch.

Framed doilies are working their way into vignettes…

Source: The Smart Fish Blog

And some are being hand-stitched onto pillows and curtain panels.

This adds a romantic feel to the room…

Source: Country Living

From one side to the other!

Source: Simply Pretty Wedding Blog

So if you’re looking for some extra Valentine’s flair, you might want to give doilies and lace another chance!

You never know what memories they will help you make 😉 But before you to head off to create memories…

I just have to show you this photo.

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t this a cool shot? The ocean is my favorite place to be, and I love driftwood, so you can see why I couldn’t resist sharing this one!

Anyway, just wondering, do you have any vintage doilies or lace? Do you use them, or keep them tucked away?

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A Rare MCM Plycraft Chair by George Mulhauser

A Rare MCM Plycraft Chair by George Mulhauser

When you hear the name George Mulhauser, there’s probably one or two very distinct chairs, maybe even three that come to mind. But I bet this chair I’m about to show you isn’t one of them! When I saw this reference to a mystery chair…

Scuffing About With Annie Sloan

Scuffing About With Annie Sloan

Yesterday was a day I’ve been looking forward to since last year. Okay, since the beginning of December… but that’s last year, right? Yesterday I attended a workshop where I finally got to hang out with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint… for a whole afternoon! Do…

Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!

Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!

When I wrote about vintage waste bins the other day I focused on the pretty little ones you would typically find in a bathroom, bedroom or office.

And then I got this comment from my DLBwest friend, Tracey Ayton of Tracy Ayton Photography. Have you read her blog?


So Tracey, this one’s for you!


Oscar the Grouch in his galvanized garbage can home.

Similar to this one here.


According to Urban Remains Chicago, this antique industrial trash can, c. 1910-20s, was made of heavy galvanized steel and reinforced at the joints with rivets. It was made by the Witt Cornice Company, now Witt Industries in Cinncinati. Founder, George Witt invented the first corrugated, galvanized ash can and lid in 1899 and patented it at that time.


These trash cans were historically placed in city parks… oh, and did you know that Witt Industries is now a woman-owned business?

But if I let Oscar in on that little detail, I’m pretty sure this is what he would tell me to do…


What do you think of Oscar’s vintage trash can?

I think it’s très cool, too!

With a little Oscar style in your space…


 There’s a whole lot of personality in your place!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!


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Want A Critique of Your Blog?

Want A Critique of Your Blog?

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