Audrey Is Attending! Will We See You There?

Yes, it’s that time again and Audrey Would! will be there!

This year’s Victoria Vintage Expo is taking place on Friday and Saturday, September 26-27 at the historic Crystal Gardens at 713 Douglas StreetFriday the doors open at 4:00 pm and are staying wide open for longer this year until 10:00 pm. Can we say, ‘excited much’?! On Saturday the doors open at 10:00 am and don’t close until 6:00 pm! Whew! I’m excited and I hope you are too! Will I see you there?

Victoria Vintage Expo 2014

So, I bet you are wondering what Audrey will feature this year? Well, I can tell you it will be more of the same, but this year there is a greater focus on the Art Deco era and all the Gatsby-like entertainment ware and paraphernalia that goes with it! So that means barware, tabletop pieces, and pretty much anything that sparkles and is Gatsby cool!

Here is a little glimpse of some vintage ‘Downton Abbey’ activity-inspired barware, but don’t worry, there is more sparkle and glam coming, too!

Glitz & Glam: After the Hunt


Vintage bar tool


Bar tool

Red shot glasses

Wall art


Fox hunting, pheasants and flasks! Fun, right?

What vintage treasures are you hoping to find? If you send me a message I might just have what you’re looking for, and will be sure to tuck those treasure aside!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope to see you at the Vintage Fair!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use.

It’s All About Personal Taste!

Not too long ago a mid-century style vase caught my eye, but I decided to walk away. Good, right? Well you’d think, except I couldn’t let it go. I kept thinking about it and knew I’d be back in the area in a week… but would the vase?

Enter my friends the following week, and I near dragged them to the back of the thrift store where the vase had been… and as luck would have it, still was!

MCM Gray Glazed, Brown Ribbed Vase

Um, they weren’t so smitten. So I sent this pic to my hubs to get his reaction. Only, his response didn’t reach me in time. I paced, and contemplated, waited until I had to make a decision. Was it walk away for a second time, or buy it without hub’s feedback?

I bought, I left, and in came his response… always the way, isn’t it? Nope, he wasn’t sold, either. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, just not all warm and fuzzy about it! Apparently I was in this one alone – my daughter flat out hated it, and another friend diplomatically withheld comment. 😉

Well that was a month ago. Every day I look at this vase, and every day I still like it. Why? I don’t know, I just do. I’ve researched it, but can’t come up with much.

This vintage white glazed French jar and lid, c. 1940, was the closest I could find.

1st Dibs - White Glazed French Jar & Cover, c1940s

{1st Dibs}

1st Dibs - White Glazed French Jar & Cover, c.1940s

{1st Dibs}

Can you believe this piece is 4′-8″ tall x 34″ wide?

I’m certain my vase isn’t this vintage, but who knows, maybe this French jar was the inspiration piece!

Here’s the bottom of my vase.

MCM Gray Glazed, Brown Ribbed Vase Bottom

You’ll notice it doesn’t have any glaze on it, but do you see the etched mark? That’s likely the symbol of the artist. And the dark brownish marks indicate to me that this bottom was once covered in signature felt. You might remember my Royal Haeger vase with its signature felt bottom here. If I had to guess, I’d guess this vase is c.1970s, but if you know for sure, I’d love to hear from you!

To make a long story short, my vase is a great reminder of what’s important when you’re choosing pieces for your home. Never second guess what speaks to you. Surround yourself with things that draw you in, even if no-one else seems to see what you see. If you do this you’ll always feel at home in your home, and that’s what it’s all about!

Oh, and guess what was on the cover of my latest HGTV magazine?

HGTV Magazine Cover - April 2013

Do you see it? Not the same shape, not the same colour or finish… but don’t you think the ribbing suggests they could be relatives?

Maybe there’s someone out there who can see what I see in my beloved vase afterall!

Do you have anything in your collection that makes others roll their eyes? Well, that’s okay, just remember what happened to the Ugly Duckling!

Thanks for stopping by!

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BTW – this vase may or may not turn up in my bedroom makeover… but you’ll have to wait and see! 🙂

I was featured over at Junkin Joes. Thanks Andrea!

Junkin Joe Linky Party - I Was Featured

Photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated.

Painting Gallery Frames: Cheater DIY from Bland to Black!

Not too long ago in one of my treasure hunting adventures I came across this set of four vintage pencil drawings, and knew instantly I wanted to take them home! Vancouver, after all, is my home away from home.

Pencil Drawings of Vancouver, BC

I love Vancouver! But… I wasn’t so sure I loved the blonde wood frames. I propped them up against the wall for the time being, just to live with the frames and see if a clear wax was in order, or if painting the frames black was tugging at my soul.

Lo and behold, on another thrifting adventure a few weeks later I came across two more drawings to this set.

Pencil Drawings of Vancouver, BC

So now, hmmm, a gallery wall with six framed drawings in blonde wood frames? I wasn’t feeling it, not for me. What I did know was I wanted to keep the frames. But here’s the thing. These frames are old, and this is what the back looks like.

Back of Vintage Frame

Tiny little nails hold the print inside the frame, so I wasn’t really keen on removing all the nails from all six prints to paint the frames. In fact, I needed to add a few more nails to push down spots where the prints have warped over time. I just call these imperfections the ‘Wabi-sabi‘ of the find!

So here’s the cheater steps I took to paint the frames without disassembling the prints from inside.

1. Tape off the inside edges of the glass next to the frame.

Taping Off Frames for Painting Prep

My painter’s tape is fairly wide, so I was able to take one strip and cut it in half length-wise to tape off opposite sides of the frame. If you do this, make sure you put the factory edge against the frame. I used an X-Acto knife to cut the end of the tape so it fit snuggly into the corner of the frame. Works like a charm!

2. Elevate frames on empty containers, and brush the first coat of paint on all sides of each frame.

Taped frames for brushing on paint

Don’t worry too much about the back of the frame. Just make sure the paint wraps the back edge slightly…

DIY Cheat - Painting a Frame with Print Inside

Like this. If you paint like me, that won’t be a problem! 😉

3. Apply second coat of paint, and remove tape. TIP: Make sure you remove painter’s tape before second coat dries. 

Brush Painting Frames with Print Inside

I recommend scoring each edge with the X-Acto knife before you remove the tape. This will cut through any paint that’s already dried and help prevent the paint from peeling off with the tape. Remove the tape slowly, and leave frames to fully dry. Even when they’re dry, the paint will still be soft, and will knick easily

4. Once frames are dry, touch up any spots where the paint got away on you! And trust me, this will happen.

Spots for Touch-Up on Painted Frame

I cleaned the glass first just to remove any random paint flecks, and then used a black felt Sharpie with a chisel tip for my touch ups. To keep the felt from marking the glass, place a small, thin piece of paper between the pen and the glass where you’re doing each touch-up.

And voila!

My gallery find went from this…

Pencil Drawings of Vancouver, BC

To this…

Pencil Drawings of Vancouver, BC

From this…

Pencil Drawings, Vancouver, BC

To this…

Pencil Drawings, Vancouver, BC

And the whole set together looks like this!

Gallery of Pencil Drawings, Vancouver, BC

I bet you’re dying to know where I’m hanging this little gallery, huh? I promise, there will be a reveal. Just not today! 😉

The thing to remember with a gallery presentation is it will generally be admired from afar. And that’s why I opted to do a quick brush of paint on the frames with the prints intact. The little flaws from this cheater approach won’t even be noticed. Normally I would remove the print, the glass, and all hardware. And then I would spray the frames for a smooth, even application of the paint. But in this case, seriously, would you pull all those little nails for that?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller

IDSwest 2012: A Final Tour Through the Show

Omer Arbel 28D Bocci Desk Lamps

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, I thought I’d do a photo tour through the show with you! And seriously, this is just a snippet of IDSwest this year. But you know how it goes. It’s hard to see and do everything! Even so, this post is photo heavy, so you might want to grab a coffee, and settle in for a bit!

Up first are the whimsical Chickadee bird houses designed by Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee of Contexture Design.

Chickadee Bird Houses

This exhibit features the prototypes designed for the Chickadee! If you’re loving them, the Chickadee bird houses are slated to be launched in time for Christmas.

This next exhibit was created by Hatch Interior Design out of Kelowna. This design firm specializes in sustainable interior solutions for the modern work place.

Hatch Interior Design Exhibit

5 interior designers were invited to create 4’x4′ spaces for IDSwest, and this is the space created by Hatch! I’m thinking all you need is a laptop, and you’re good to go, but I’m not so sure about the ergonomics of that stump 😉

In the background you see the sign for MOES Home Collection.

Want a closer look?

MOES Home Collection Exhibit

MOES is a family owned and award winning home decor retailer. They have been in business for over 20 years, travel the world for fashion forward furnishings, and they source new pieces every week.

And we also had IZM modern furniture featuring their high quality handcrafted pieces.

IZM Modern Furniture

IZM furniture is built to last, to age gracefully, and to stand the test of time.

Back again this year was Salari Fine Carpet Collections with their always popular Salsa Lounge poufs by Paulig.

Knitted Poufs

Don’t you just love their texture and colour? And you have to admit, they bring in a little cozy, too! Salari also launched a new collection of hand-knotted carpets that were inspired by photography. Totally stunning, but sadly I didn’t manage to get any photos of these beauties 🙁

And speaking of cozy, how about this Trapper Chair by Identity Apparel’s Home Division?

Vintage Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Trapper Chair by Identity Apparel Home Divison

Identity is a brand stemming from the ideals of what it means to be Canadian.  And this one-of-a-kind chair is made from a vintage Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket. Now how Canadian is that?

The glow of light you see hanging in the background of Identity’s exhibit is actually this!

Identity Apparel - Antler Light Fixture

Antlers. Are they in, or out? Either way, I thought this was a pretty cool feature that totally suited the theme.

And then there’s Montauk Sofa.

Montauk Sofa

Seriously. What’s not to love? I wish I captured the whole grasshopper lounge chair in this photo, but it was super hard take a photo of this exhibit without people walking in front. This was a veeery popular stop!

Here’s a close-up of the walls (and the ceiling)!

Montauk Sofa Exhibit

Did I mention how much I love the Grasshopper Chair? See, there it is again, bottom left!

If you saw my last post featuring Matthieu LeBlanc’s reclaimed wood creations, then you know how much I love his approach to design.

So when I saw these pieces by mth woodworks

mth woodworks - organic resin in hollowed out stumps

I was totally blown away to learn these salvaged pieces have been filled with organic resin! Isn’t this the coolest eco-friendly idea yet? And if these pieces from mth’s Bloom Collection aren’t enough, what do you think of this coffee table, also from their Bloom Collection?

mth woodworks - Bloom Coffee Table

I am totally loving the juxtaposition of this modern top and salvaged wood base.

ox + monkey. This gorgeous ceramic sculpture is one of theirs.

ox + monkey - ceramic sculpture in acrylic case

Yes, you read that right. This sculpture is ceramic, made to look like torn paper! Can you imagine the work involved? This piece was actually in a clear shadowbox, and I can see why!

I loved this colourful exhibit by Beyond Beige Interior Design. I just thought it was so much fun, and really demonstrated a great mix of pattern and colour.

Beige is Dead Exhibit

And even though I’m not a huge fan of yellow, I thought this light fixture made a perfect statement in this space! If you want to see your space infused with character, there’s no doubt, Beyond Beige can make that happen!

Lighting is always a big draw, and these pendants were no exception. They marked the Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre exhibit, and when I saw them I just had to get a photo.

Duravit - Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre

Don’t ask me what that green horseshoe is on the glass shade! I think it’s just the way my lens caught the light!

But for lighting the real show stoppers were definitely Omer Arbel’s Bocci 28D desk lamps.

Omer Arbel 28D Bocci Desk Lamps

Do you think the fact they lit up the bar, facilitated the ‘stopper’ part? 😉 Well, okay, it might have been the price, too. These lamps were being sold at an incredible price, for the show only, and were available in both yellow and gray.

One of the exhibits that caught my attention was Global Surface Solutions. Concrete fabricators out of Kelowna, they specialize in crafting unique concrete surfaces and products suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

Like this fully sealed concrete desk.

Global Surface Solutions - Kelowna

Looove this desk!

And all that you see here including the wall!

Global Surface Solutions - Kelowna

My friend and thrifting buddy, Carol from Carol Smyth Colour & Design was on the inside track with this exhibit! She consulted with this company to help them plan their booth. Check out Carol’s blog article for close-ups of the gorgeous vignettes she planned for them, and for a little more behind-the-scenes scoop!

Also working with concrete, was Sticks & Stones Furniture.

Sticks & Stones Exhibit

Sticks & Stones specialize in custom built furniture that features the contemporary beauty of wood and concrete. They work with recycled or reclaimed wood and materials to create one-of-a-kind furniture designs that are both modern, and functional.

I know the Aya Kitchen designed by Kelly Deck Design has swept the internet, but I couldn’t imagine leaving this star out of the mix!

Aya Kitchen Design by Kelly Deck Design

I interviewed Kelly Deck at IDSwest last year, and if you missed it, you can catch up on the interview here. You will see reflected in this kitchen, the intelligent, timeless design Kelly speaks of!

Would you love to call this kitchen your own?

I know I’d sure love to call the Brent Comber table my own!

Kelly Deck Design - Reclaimed Stump Side Table

Did you notice the gold detail in the crevices?

What I really appreciate about the Aya kitchen is the collaborative effort that went into its conception, and which ultimately resulted in its standing ovation success!

And as we exit this photo tour, I wanted to leave you with a little more of…

Brent Comber Exhibit

A creator of sculpted and functional objects, design environments, and a specialist in designing modern urban forms from ancient sources.

Brent Comber Exhibit

Brent Comber Exhibit

Brent Comber Exhibit

Isn’t Brent’s work incredible?

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

{UPDATE: The Marilyn Denis Show did a great recap of IDSwest}

{Click here to view}

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Jason & Leonie for once again providing our dlbWEST group with press passes, bubbly and the opening night tour! Definitely a great way to get the show started!

Thank you for stopping by!

Photography by Sheila Zeller

A Little Lamp Update

Remember when I posted about this lamp?

And showed you the replacement shade I picked up for it at ReStore?

Then left you with a cliff hanger and only showed you this much?

Well, here’s a little glimpse at how this revitalized lamp looks when it’s placed with a few friends.

Abstract Painting by Sea to Canvas

Not so bad for a $2.00 shade, right?

Click here to see the mystery project that goes with this lamp!

Do you recognize a few pieces in the mix?


Photography: Sheila Zeller

The Story Behind the Scrolls

I teased you in my last post by promising a little story behind these two scrolls hanging on our wall.

Do you remember them?

Well, to tell you the truth, the story isn’t anything mind blowing. It’s just an example of how a moment in time was preserved, another fibre woven into a tapestry of stories whispered in a space.

You see, these scrolls came from Korea, a business trip my hubs was on a number of years back. Only then, we weren’t an official Mr. & Mrs., just a couple figuring it out! So he brought home one scroll for me to hang in my home, and the other for his. A pair, even though they lived apart.

This is the background on the scrolls, which was included inside the box with each one…

So when you know this piece, it suddenly helps you see the scrolls from a much deeper perspective.

I’d like to show you a close-up of the Jeon-gak of each scroll.

This is the one that hung in my home first.

And this is what it means.

Jeon-gak 'A Beautiful House'

Can you see the house in the red square? Hubs picked this out for me because it spoke to him of creating beautiful spaces, and making a home.

Here’s the one that he picked out for his place.

And what it means…

This meant to him that you need to be surrounded by that which is important to you.

And now, the scrolls hang together in our home.

The rest they say, is history!

And yes, a part of our story that is shared in our space.

How about you? What special moments have you featured in your home?

It’s a great time to assess those things that are special to you. What things have you got tucked away? Anything you can think of off hand? Why not pull them out, and give them a chance to shine?

Thanks for stopping in!

All Photos by Sheila Zeller 

My Design Ode to the 2012 Summer Olympics

Pencil Drawings of Bath & Stonehenge

Twelve years ago I started off a 5-week holiday in London, toured around the UK, and then enjoyed some of the great cities that Europe has to offer. When I holiday I like to buy at least one piece of art to remember the trip by, and on this journey I opted for a few pencil drawings.

The two large ones are from the City of Bath, and the small one is of Stonehenge.

Pencil Drawings of Bath & Stonehenge

I love these pieces, and have enjoyed them since the day my Dad matted and framed them for me. That is until this home we moved into last summer. You see, I’ve had a project for a TV stand brewing since about this time last year. I know, right. Who leaves a project for a year? You can catch my teaser post about it here.

Anyway, I always thought the space behind the TV stand (upon completion, of course!) is where these prints would go. You know, something like this.

With the TV stand sitting out in front, I thought they would be a good fit for this spot, both in their look and scale. And so they’ve remained unhung just waiting for the stand to be done! I’ll let you in on a little secret… the TV stand was finished 3 days ago, which is why you see the chaos of cables in this photo. We were in the middle of switching stands over, but I’ll be posting that reveal a little later.

To cut to the chase, my well-laid plan for the prints was a FAIL! And I didn’t have to hang them to find out. What I did first was make a template for each print out of newspaper, and then gave the placement a test-run. I got this tip from Young House Love way back when, and I’m so glad I did! I seriously recommend this step if you’re trying to decide on art placement before you bang the nail in!

When I knew this spot was a definite miss, I had to go to my option B location.

And test it out with my trusty templates…

Tip to hang multiple pieces of art

With the templates I could see this spot was best with just the two larger prints. With three, the top piece would fight for attention with the trim above the window… and that would just create visual pain for anyone looking that way! I tried the templates lower, but the lamp started to fight with the frame of the bottom print…

It’s hard to see, but the top print is slightly narrower than the bottom one, so getting these two pieces hung just right took a lot of measuring, leveling, shifting and re-leveling with the templates.

Template System to hang multiple art pieces

Did I mention how the templates made this part a lot easier?

And, voila!

Pencil Art of Bath UK

All this after living here for a year! And to think I could’ve been enjoying the prints so much sooner 😐

Here’s where I decided to hang the Stonehenge print…

Even though I was only hanging one piece, I still used the template, because I wanted to make sure the size of the print wouldn’t overwhelm this spot.

Template system to hang art work

Ooops! I wasn’t planning to feature my kitchen, and totally didn’t prep the space :-0  Oh well, it’s a day in the life of…!

I think the print looks great in this spot.

Template system to hang art work

Okay, I’ll crop the shot and remove the visual distractions for you! 😉

What do you think? Do you like ‘Stonehenge’ here?

Here’s one more look at the ‘Bath’ prints in location B…

Artwork stacked vertically

When you see them in context, it makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Notice the stacked pieces over the fireplace? The top piece was also hung up today. I wanted to repeat the vertical stacking of artwork… but this particular piece also has special meaning and I thought it was a great place to feature it.

You see, it’s a cross-stitch that my Mom started, but never got to finish. She purchased it in England, and it’s of a little thatched roof cottage. We were on this trip together, and drove through the countryside where cottages with thatched roofs were scattered along the way. It was just so pretty and quaint. When hubs and I got married, my Aunt finished this piece and gave it to us for a wedding gift. My Aunt was on this trip too, and she was the driver… that’s right, wrong side of the road out in the English countryside! Can I just say, I’m so glad she was the one dodging the Hawthorne bushes, driving the M3, and navigating the 4-lane round-a-bouts?!!! 🙂

The point of this post is to share a tip for hanging artwork, but it’s also to demonstrate something I really believe in. And that is the value of the stories behind the pieces in your home. There is a sweet irony in the timing of this post… the 2012 Summer Olympics are taking place in London at this very moment, and these special pieces just happen to be attached to my time in the UK twelve years ago, almost to the day! So as we catch some of the Olympics, and I glance at my prints, I am reminded of a time in my life that feels like just yesterday, and I feel connected… See what I mean about the stories?…


All Photos by Sheila Zeller

The Reach of Pinterest: Highschool Project Inspired by Mom’s Pin!

Art Supplies for Cherry Blossom Painting

If you’re a Pinterest fan, then you know all about the pinning craze. And I bet you’ve been inspired to try an idea or two that you’ve pinned. But would you believe me if I told you Pinterest inspired my daughter’s History 12 project?

Here’s the pin that started it all.

Pinterest Inspiration - Cherry Blossom Art

Source: Pinterest

What dots would you connect between this and History 12? The dots of the cherry blossoms might be a clue 😉

Here’s a little photo journey of the work in progress.

Starting with the supplies.

Art Supplies for Cherry Blossom Painting

Drawing the branches in free-hand.

Branches drawn free-hand

And then painting over them with dark brown.

Freehand Cherry Blossom Branches


Painting Cherry Blossom Branches

You can see the pink paint ready to go in the background.

But first, a little test-run in making the blossoms. We printed the Pinterest pic for some visual help.

Just to check the colour and technique.

A little more white was added to lighten the pink…

Creating Cherry Blossoms with Paint

And Kaleigh discovered that blotting the blossoms first was the way to go.

Then she set to work.

Creating Cherry Blossoms in Paint

Have you figured out the History connection yet?

Creating Painted Cherry Blossoms

If I mentioned a timeline, would that help?

Can you picture a timeline here?

This is how Kaleigh incorporated the cherry blossom tree into her History 12 final project.

Chinese Timeline 1911 to 1976

Photo by Kaleigh Duralia

Notice the blossoms have been finished with paint dabbed in the centres. And thankfully Kaleigh thought to take a final photograph, or I wouldn’t have the project reveal! I’m not sure what happened, but by the time the project was put together, I completely overlooked the last shot. Where was my head at?

Anyway, what do you think? From Pinterest inspiration to highschool project implementation! The reach of Pinterest just never ends!

Kaleigh has really enjoyed her History 12 class, in fact, has truly loved it. But she’s not a big fan of creative projects like this. Hard to tell from her focus in the photos, isn’t it? If you know Kaleigh, then you know that she’s actually very creative and has a great eye and attention for detail, but she’s just not into it. She likes to write, and if given a choice, would rather write an essay than create a visual with the content, so I’m pretty proud of what she’s done here!

Update: Kaleigh earned 23/25 on her project, with 5/5 for presentation! What do we think of Pinterest now? 😉

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? Where have you put your Pinterest inspiration into action?



Home… a special place that tells your story! 

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All Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated

Cool Ways to Hang Up Your Art

Holy Hannah, where do the days go? You’ve seen a little less of me, but I’m still here! It’s just that Mr. Sun came out, so I took the opportunity to get outside and pull the thick, lush weeds that never stop growing !

Anyway, today’s post is all about très cool ways to showcase your artwork. Do you remember the shopping bag art I wrote about here?

Let’s start off with clothes hangers. Not a new idea, but just way too much fun to leave out of the mix.

Like this vintage mult-skirt hanger.

Postcards on Multi-Skirt Hanger

Source: Etsy (In With the Old Shop)

Just think of the collection of things you can display!

Or a grouping of pant hangers like these from Ikea.

Source: Style Files

Adds interest to a gallery wall, don’t you think?

I love this throw-back to the past that borrows a little Mid-Century Modern flair.

Source: More Ways to Waste Time Blog

And what could be more perfect than vintage pant hangers to feature each piece?

Vintage wooden skirt hangers would also work, too.

Source: SF Girl By Bay Blog

A little more whimsy and added cache for any space.

If hangers aren’t really your thing, you might like to try clipboards instead.

What a great way to add a little punch…

Source: Decor8 Blog

While keeping multi-project samples organized and in place.

If you’re into layered vignettes…

Source: Apartment Therapy

Clipboards are great, because they prop up well, and fit narrower ledges in a space.

And if you have a little Picaso or two…

Source: Second Hand Social

Why not multi-purpose a curtain rod with ring clips to hang these very special masterpieces?

Or you might like Ikea’s Dignitet System that you see here instead.

Source: Apartment Therapy

What a great way to create an interchangeable feature wall as the new pieces flood in!

Got any old bike rims hanging around? 😉

Art Clipped to Bike Rim

Source: My Tattered Angels

A quick coat of paint, and you’ve repurposed it into an artistic piece, all stylish and new!

If you’d rather leave the tire intact, you might like this idea instead.

Source: Montana Bride Blog

Clip your photos to the spokes with clothes pegs and you’re ready to roll!

If this look is for you…

Artwork Displayed on Bike Rims

Source: Second Hand Social

Why not double the impact, by displaying two!

Do any of these ideas catch your eye? Which one would you like to try?

I’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall for a while now, but just wasn’t sure which way to go. And then I found a few vintage Baribocraft pant hangers along with some other ones, too. And I knew, this was what I wanted to do! Now it’s a matter of sorting out which pieces I want to feature…



It’s about coming home… and home is a special place that tells your story! 

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