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Kaleigh’s Room… More Changes

Kaleigh’s Room… More Changes

I know by now you’ve seen Kaleigh’s room evolve post (as in article) after post after post, and then a post or two more… but that’s because we’re focusing on her room the most! So this is the wall we’re working on now. Once the…

Lucky Winner I Am! ‘Postmodernity’ by Nancy Marcus

Lucky Winner I Am! ‘Postmodernity’ by Nancy Marcus

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, and are still enjoying the Holiday Season! I have taken a few days to spend time with my family, slow down a little, and just soak everything in. And I have had an awesome time so far!…

DIY Bulletin Board Makeover

DIY Bulletin Board Makeover

I know this DIY project is not a new idea, but I’ve been wanting to cover this bulletin board for a long time now.

It’s a basic cork board, and until this point the only upgrade was clear-coating the wooden frame. And that was done almost a year ago, but then we moved and the rest of the project fell by the wayside. In fact, I wasn’t even sure where, or if it would be hung up after we moved in.

But we have this spot right outside our office that is pretty bare.

I’ve contemplated different pieces of artwork, but the truth is it wouldn’t be seen enough to be enjoyed hanging in this spot.

So today I picked up some Ikat style fabric in colours that will transition the landing into the office space. I wasn’t really looking for Ikat, just a pattern that would be colourful and fun.

Before I could really get going I realized the upholstery nails I planned to use were too long for the thickness of this cork board. They went right through and stuck out the back!

Luckily I had some sheets of Styrofoam kicking around that had been used for packing. So I cut them to size and used wood glue to stick them to the back of the board.

Oops, I think I used enough glue!

This is how much thickness the Styrofoam added to the board.

Ready to roll, I started by ironing the one selvage edge under first. And then I tacked it into place in the center and each corner of the same side.

I ironed the creases for the rest of the folds after the first side was tacked down. I did this by using the wooden frame as a guide for the iron, and ironed right on the board. The crease was facing the wrong way, but it gave me a guide for folding the edge under. Once the edge was folded under and fit snuggly against the frame, I ran the iron over it once more.

I worked my way around the frame, tacking the fabric into place in the centers and corners as I went.

Once this was all done and the fabric in place, next was figuring out the spacing for the rest of the upholstery nails.

Here’s what I went with.

You can see at the bottom how I started with large spacing first, and worked around the frame with it. And then if you look at the top you will notice how I tightened up the spacing, and started filling in around the frame again. Doing it this way helped keep my fabric even as each upholstery tack was inserted.

I decided to add extra tacks to the corners for a little finishing touch.

And then I attached picture wire to the back, and hung the bulletin board up!

Here’s another look at the space before…

And after.

The  plants aren’t usually here though. They’ve been relocated to make room for the Christmas tree. And the tiles on top of the book stand are waiting for me to decide where they’re going.

But I think the bulletin board adds a much needed splash of colour.

So finally, I can cross this project off my list, and just in time for Christmas! And you know, this only took about 2 hours from start to finish including clean-up and hanging the bulletin board up. The question, why did I wait so long to tackle this?

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Packaging Perfection!

Packaging Perfection!

Not too long ago I entered a ‘giveaway‘ over at Row House Nest with Wooden Spoon Editions… and was the lucky winner of a fab sand dollar print. Well, I just received it in the mail yesterday, and first let me just say that the print…

It’s a Giveaway with Sea to Canvas!

It’s a Giveaway with Sea to Canvas!

The Christmas season is upon us, and today I bring you a Christmas GIVEAWAY! Multi-talented artist, Ursula Rettich of Sea to Canvas…  Is offering my amazing followers (that’s you!) the chance to win from her collection: 2 sets of traditional handmade straw ornaments of your choice…

Advent Calendar Day!

Advent Calendar Day!

Here we go. It’s December 1st. Are you ready for the ride?

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I can’t believe it’s December 1st already! And so that means today is the first day for advent calendars. Did you manage to put one up?

I got ours all filled and ready to go…

But when I went to hang it up I realized I didn’t know where it should go! This is the first year for us in this home, and I never really gave the calendar location much thought!

So I wandered around, and tried to envision the house fully decorated… because I’ve barely started!

Can you tell?

But it’s in the plans for this weekend 🙂

I tried to hang the calendar on our banister. It worked in our last home, but in this one, it just wasn’t right. I toyed with 6 other spots, but they all felt ho-hum. And with this home’s open floor plan, I just ran out of wall options!

So I decided to take a tip from Nancy of Marcus Design, and focus on our hallway. Have you read Nancy’s post, {10 ideas for your hallway}?

We have 2 pieces of artwork hanging in the entry hallway, and space for one more…

I’ve never topped the calendar with a bow before.

But somehow it needed something extra once it was up beside the art.

It’s true, pictures don’t lie! I didn’t even see those crinkles in the bow until now.

Anyway, this is our hallway gallery now.

See why I added the bow?

And since I was trying something new, I decided to have some fun with my family, and keep the calendar’s location a secret. I wanted to see if they would notice it… you know how it is, you can walk by something a hundred times, and not even see it!

I wanted to see if they could find it on their own… And they did!

I hope your December is off to a good start 🙂 I’m looking so forward to this weekend so I can roll up my sleeves and get this place whipped into shape!

Where do you place your advent calendar? Is it the same each year?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Christmas Cards – Where Did They Come From?

Christmas Cards – Where Did They Come From?

Ever wonder how a tradition came to be? I thought it would be fun to take a look into Christmas card past. Just curious, are you writing cards this year? With this fast paced electronic world, the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards is slowing…

A Give-Away Thank You!

A Give-Away Thank You!

Do you ever enter any of the give-aways offered on some of the blogs you read? I do, but I never really think for a second that I’ll win. I like to enter because it gives me a chance to share blogs I read with…

DIY Tips for ART-ful Presentation!

DIY Tips for ART-ful Presentation!

Yesterday I walked you through the latest progress in Kaleigh’s room…

And today I’m sharing some of the tips and strategies for how we arrived at the photo arrangement on the feature wall behind her bed.

Once again, here is the ‘before’ photo of the wall space.

And another photo illustrating how we had to shift the bed over to be positioned more effectively on that wall.

The window and the mirror act as frames for the wall space. So for the bed placement to make sense, it needed to be more centered between the two. And the point of the feature wall was to backdrop the bed in the sense of a headboard. So they needed to feel connected.

Once the bed was moved, we were able to get a better feel for how all this might work. We already had the photo frames, and they’re all the same size, but the photos are not! So this was definitely a point to keep in mind.

The bed isn’t perfectly centered because at its foot is a sofa that also had to work with the overall balance of the space.

We measured the rough area of wall space we had to work with, and then started to try different layouts on the floor.

We set the photos on top of the unwrapped frames to figure out what order to put them in. Then we started to play with placement.


When figuring out order placement in groupings, the subject should always be looking toward the center of the group, not away from it. That pulls the eye in rather than away from the grouping as a whole.

Also, balance the weight of each image. Notice the top photograph. It’s the only one in portrait format, but because the subject is a collection of skyscrapers, it would be out of place if it was placed on the bottom or in the centre of this grouping.

Did you notice there are only 6 photos now instead of 7? Kaleigh did not want a symmetrical layout, and in order for this random approach to work using these frames, the 7th photo had to go. We could have teamed up 2 photos in the center and worked out from there, but Kaleigh didn’t want that. If we kept 7 photos, it meant there was always one photo floating too far away from the overall grouping, or there were always two photos too close together compared to the rest.

Once we established the presentation of the grouping, I quickly sketched the layout and took some key measurements.

And then we double-checked the outside dimensions of the arrangement with the wall space so we could determine actual placement on the wall.

The painters tape is a guide for where the bottom of the lowest frame will land. Kaleigh didn’t want the grouping too low because she likes to lean against the wall when she’s sitting in bed.

We also marked the horizontal center.

Next, prepping the frames for the artwork – this is not my favorite part!

I bought two cases of these frames at a closing out sale a few years ago, and some of them were scratched when we went to use them.


I used a black Sharpie to touch up where there were scratches and marks. Great way to quickly camouflage minor imperfections, and pretty tough to see the evidence unless you’re up close and personal to it!

Finally, let the hanging begin!

Notice, we also marked the top of the of the grouping area with painters tape.

I started with the very center piece so I could work my way out from there. Because this presentation is more random and abstract, there is a little more flexibility than with a symmetrical grouping.


If you’re hanging a grouping where the frames must line up on the outside edges, then it’s a good idea to outline your whole area with painter’s tape.

Next I placed the  piece that would sit on the farthest outside edge on the left. I did this because there is less room on the left than the right, so it was critical that this piece follow the plan we drafted up.

After that I hung the piece that would sit at the farthest outside edge on the right.  Now I had all my border reference points including the painters tape.

You will see the very top piece has been left to last.


Notice the level sitting on top of the center photo? This is a very handy tool to have when you’re working with groupings.

So here’s the tip for why I left the very top photo to last.


Do you see the shadows between the frames? Remember to account for the shadows, because they will alter the balance of the overall presentation.

By placing the very top piece last, I was able to shift it slightly left or right, up or down, so it finished off the grouping both in relation to placement of the other frames, but also how the shadows factored in.

Do see what a difference the shadows make?

It’s easier to appreciate the presentation with the neat and tidy ‘After’ shot…

Do you notice how your eye is drawn to the bottom left photograph? That’s because it’s sitting slightly out of the grouping compared to the rest, and because it is highlighted by a shadow that demands your attention. It also has more white in the background, which will always attract your eye.

Do you remember where in the sequence of hanging the photos that the bottom left one was put up?

It was the 5th piece, so 2nd from the last to go up. And it was placed with intention. It was deliberately shifted just enough that it would grab your eye. The intention is to draw your eye down and back into the room, rather than up and to the ceiling.

So that’s another tip for you.


Place your art with intention. Even if that means breaking the rules!

When you have a plan, your presentation will reflect that. So even with random placement, you should always work with a basic plan in mind. In the end go by your gut. You will know your placement is right when it feels right…

And finally…

It’s important with groupings that each piece is hanging straight. I mentioned earlier that a mini level is your best friend for this task. The other tip is to secure the bottom corners of each frame so the frame can’t move.


To see how I ensure my artwork hangs straight, click here.

As for the overall presentation and how we came up with that layout. We factored in the height of the ceiling – it’s a 9′ ceiling. We looked at the thickness of the trim, and the placement of windows and doors. We paid attention to the pieces of furniture in the room. We took all pieces going up on the walls in the room into consideration. And we factored in function – Kaleigh leaning against the wall. And we went from there.

Final TIP:

Always make sure your artwork connects with the furniture around it. So for example, the general rule for artwork over a sofa is approximately 6″-8″ above it, or the width of a hand spread wide open.

But always remember that rules are guidelines. They are there to help you, not to dictate to you. In the end let your room, your pieces and your gut be your guide. Because in the end, presentation is a very personal preference.

Did you find these tips useful? Do you have a tip to share?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

We have finally gotten Kaleigh’s selection of New York photos up on her wall, and do you remember the gold mirror I was spray painting for her? I wrote about it here. Well we have it hung up too! Here’s a little walk through of…