Vintage Coppercraft Guild: Back in its Prime!

The warmth of copper has made a comeback to the style table, and this season is right up there with ‘seen and to be seen’. There are many great pieces to choose from, especially when it comes to vintage barware and home decor pieces made by the well known yet short lived company Coppercraft Guild.

Do you recognize their label?

BAR-3079-SZ Coppercraft Guild Roly Poly & Tray Set (3)


Coppercraft Guild was a top producer of copperware in their day, but if I told you they were the copper equivalent of Tupperware, would I have your attention?

Established in the 1970s, Coppercraft Guild was a direct marketing company out of Taunton, Massachusetts in the US. They specialized in high quality decorative houseware products that were made of solid copper and specially treated so they would not tarnish.

Like this sleek bud vase that doubles as a candle holder…

ACC-3078-SZ Coppercraft Guild Bud Vase (1)

Or this hanging kettle bowl planter that’s perfect for a small potted plant.

ACC-3080-SZ Coppercraft Guild Planter, Small (2)

But what set Coppercraft Guild apart was their use of a part-time sales force to sell product at home parties. Namely housewives employed as hostesses using a similar model to that of the infamous Tupperware home party system!

Though they were only in business a short time, Coppercraft Guild expanded their home party business into Canada. I was lucky enough to come across this vintage ad looking for prospective hostesses, and thought you might enjoy it, too!

Coppercraft Guild Image - Everything Zoomer 400px - blog

The ad says:

We need each other. We are looking for people like yourself to represent an established company selling a prestigious product through party plan sales. We feel Coppercraft Guild of Canada offers the most complete product line of solid copper and home accessories sold in Canada. Plus a hostess plan and recommendation program that is second to none in direct sales today. And we care. We care about each of our people the way any close family does about each of its members.

Fun, and as Coppercraft used to pitch, no other material is rich enough for company, yet informal enough for family! 

I had a hard time getting to the bottom of why Coppercraft Guild closed their doors, and actually never could verify for sure, but the chatter goes that the people who owned Coppercraft had a falling out. As a result the assets were divided and the company was shut down. Hmmmm…

Regardless, what we do know is Coppercraft Guild pieces were popular in their prime, and because the company was short lived, they are now treasures getting harder to find.

BAR-3079-SZ Coppercraft Guild Roly Poly & Tray Set (1)

Do you have any Coppercraft Guild pieces in your collection? If so, I would love to hear what pieces you have and how you acquired them. If not, all of these pieces can be found at Audrey Would!

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Coppercraft Guild Ad courtesy of Connect Everything Zoomer – click image for direct link. All other photographs by Sheila Zeller – please link and credit if you choose to use!

Guest Post by Meghan Plowman from The Orchard: Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds

Good morning and welcome to a special guest post feature!

Today I am really excited to introduce Meghan Plowman, lifestyle photographer and author of The Orchard blog! Meghan and I became virtually acquainted in a really neat kind of way… Believe it or not, I know Meghan’s aunt, Barb Nugent. Now having an acquaintance in common may not seem so unusual, except that Meghan lives in Perth, Australia… and as you know, I live on the west coast of Canada! Who knew our worlds would touch in this way? And for those of you living in the Cowichan Valley, you might know Barb, too. She’s a volunteer and fundraising organizer extraordinaire for our local Hospice Society – did you attend the recent fashion show fundraiser Barb organized?

From one thrifting vintage lover to another, thank you so much Meghan for being my guest today, and thank you Barb for the introduction!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Hello readers! I am thrilled to be contributing to sZinteriors blog today. I’d like to share with you some images of my own styling work and some tips about decorating with vintage finds, and what to keep in mind when looking for items to decorate with.

I am a lifestyle photographer and stylist living and working in Perth, Western Australia. You can see more of the work I get up to over at The Orchard blog as well as my Facebook page.

I particularly love bringing a mix of items into my styling work and tend to lean upon my ever-growing props cupboard for inspiration and interesting additions to imagery. Quite often you’ll find me either in a vintage market or peeling through layers of verge side household piles!

This first example shows an image I was asked to put together that had a real Autumn story.

Autumn, Meghan Plowman Photograph

For the sake of putting together this vignette I brainstormed all of the things I love about Autumn including:

  • Cooking
  • Fallen leaves and spending time camping in nature
  • Hot drinks
  • Rustic, earthy colour and texture
  • Reading indoors

It’s my belief that you can find the perfect touches for little or next to no cost, sitting just outside your door or at your nearest thrift store. For example, I found the pine cone and leaves from my garden, used a bottle I found at a garage sale and a camping cup I managed to find on the side of the road.

Next, this Easter table setting was created to inspire readers to dress their table for the holiday.

Easter table, Meghan Plowman Photograph

My table was inspired by the florals, fruits and textures of the cooler months of Autumn (it’s Autumn here in the land of down under when we celebrate Easter!)

Some inexpensive and thrifty ideas for dressing a table for your next soiree:

  • Use butchers paper or left over fabric roll as a table runner
  •  Place brightly coloured fruits and vegetables as a centre piece or scattered along the centre of a table
  • Try a collection of glass jars in different heights and finishes for e.g. amber, frosted, textured, jars with labels or logos, grouped together with loose florals cut from the garden to create interest and an eclectic decoration.
  • Branches and twigs are an easy way to create height to a centre piece and act as a ‘tree’ for hanging decorations, name tags and sweets.
  • Add some quirkiness to your setting by adding a figurine or interesting knick knack. It will create a talking point for guests and makes things fun.

If you find yourself with a collection of seemingly unrelated finds that you are unsure what to do with, perhaps take a step back and look at what the items have in common visually, if anything.

  • Are they similar colours or textures?
  • Were they bought or found in the same location?
  • Do they tell a story, for e.g. are they items found at the beach or are they all travel mementos?
  • Can you create a visual story with the items?

The next two images show examples of how I grouped a mix of random, found objects together to create a story, one based on the idea of reading books in a cozy corner, the other a seaside tale. The reason these two work well is because I tied them together through their similar colour and textures.

Vintage Vignette, Meghan Plowman Photograph

Items I used for the first image:

  • A road side chair which we painted grey
  • A discarded old book with the pages carefully peeled away and taped to a wall to create a background texture
  • A stack of my favourite design books with the spines showing text
  • An ampersand gift tag to create drama and a focal point
  • A vintage camera –why not display your picture taking equipment?
  • A ball of garden twine, and
  • A favourite scarf

Vintage Vignette, Meghan Plowman Photograph

The second idea:

  • Thrift store found vases
  • Left over soft rope
  • Found twigs, feather and pine cones
  • Mixed teatowels and scraps of art canvas roll
  • Garlic peelings! – These create a lovely texture for still life
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Found bottles
  • Old book pages
  • Found sea urchin and shells

I hope I have given you a few ideas for decorating with old, found or simply scrap items you have lying around your home! I am a believer that beauty can be found in anything, it’s just keeping your eyes open to seeing it. I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback! I can be contacted through The Orchard blog.

Have Meghan’s tips enticed you to head out and see what treasures you can find? I bet you have a corner, a mantle, a wall, a porch, a __________ (you fill in the blank!) waiting to be freshly styled. I love the theme that it’s not necessarily what so much as how you choose to display your objects. Mixing up textures and telling a story is the key! If you get a chance, please pop over to The Orchard and introduce yourself! And if you check out Meghan’s Facebook page there’s a certain connection posted there to my post from yesterday! Do you think you can find it?  😉

Thank you once again Meghan, for sharing at sZinteriors today. 🙂

Taking the Inside Out!

Here’s a small Pinterest round-up, I just wanted to share. I thought these ideas were a great toast to outdoor spaces, with a little creative use of indoor pieces!

Like this deck.

Pinterest / Jillian Harris

It was styled by Jillian Harris… you know, the Bachlorette from a few seasons back?

And when does a quatrefoil mirror not look good?

Pinterest / Style Me Pretty

Have you ever thought to collage a grouping of mirrors outside?

What about flower pots hanging on the fence?

Pinterest / Shannon Eileen Blog

I’ve heard of sitting on the fence… or on a windowsill, but not hanging on the fence!

I love these Impatiens ‘sitting’ in the chair.

Pinterest / Flickr

And I seriously want to try this one day! Would you give this chair a makeover, or would you turn it into a planter, too?

Have you ever thought of recycling an old dresser like this?

Pinterest / Rose Petals & Rust Blog

What a great way to take the inside out… instead of bringing the outside in!

Love this wall of windows…

Pinterest / Velvet and Linen Blog

Oh wait, there’re no walls!

Don’t you think stairs make an impact on any space?

Pinterest / Tumblr

Yup, definitely crushing on these stairs!

And this is how I feel about these photos…

Pinterest / 2bseeds

Spilling over with lots of ideas I am dying to try!

How about you, any new ideas waiting in the wings for you?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!


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Advent Calendar Day!

Here we go. It’s December 1st. Are you ready for the ride?

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I can’t believe it’s December 1st already! And so that means today is the first day for advent calendars. Did you manage to put one up?

I got ours all filled and ready to go…

But when I went to hang it up I realized I didn’t know where it should go! This is the first year for us in this home, and I never really gave the calendar location much thought!

So I wandered around, and tried to envision the house fully decorated… because I’ve barely started!

Can you tell?

But it’s in the plans for this weekend 🙂

I tried to hang the calendar on our banister. It worked in our last home, but in this one, it just wasn’t right. I toyed with 6 other spots, but they all felt ho-hum. And with this home’s open floor plan, I just ran out of wall options!

So I decided to take a tip from Nancy of Marcus Design, and focus on our hallway. Have you read Nancy’s post, {10 ideas for your hallway}?

We have 2 pieces of artwork hanging in the entry hallway, and space for one more…

I’ve never topped the calendar with a bow before.

But somehow it needed something extra once it was up beside the art.

It’s true, pictures don’t lie! I didn’t even see those crinkles in the bow until now.

Anyway, this is our hallway gallery now.

See why I added the bow?

And since I was trying something new, I decided to have some fun with my family, and keep the calendar’s location a secret. I wanted to see if they would notice it… you know how it is, you can walk by something a hundred times, and not even see it!

I wanted to see if they could find it on their own… And they did!

I hope your December is off to a good start 🙂 I’m looking so forward to this weekend so I can roll up my sleeves and get this place whipped into shape!

Where do you place your advent calendar? Is it the same each year?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Glamming it up with Glass Cloches

Cloches were first used in Italy in the early 1600s to protect plants from cold winds and frost…


And yes, believe it or not, from the snow too!

But it was the French who developed the bell shape that is so familiar today.

Do you see how these two antique cloches vary in shape?


Cloches are formed from a solid piece of glass in the shape of a dome, and as mentioned, you will find variations that flare at the bottom to resemble a bell. Thus cloches are also commonly referred to as bell jars and domes.

And like so many great objects, cloches have become multi-functional beyond their original mini greenhouse purpose!


So let’s take a look at how cloches have been used in decor… I know, another look.  But a refresher never hurts, right?

Since the Holiday Season is upon us, let’s start with with this display of vintage glass ornaments


Such a beautiful way to feature and protect them at the same time.

Have you started your baking yet?


Glass cloches add a feeling of decadence, and help maintain the freshness of tempting delights.

Mirrors, cloches and twinkling, flickering light…


Are a match made in Heaven, don’t you agree?

And for that special day, when two become one…


Complimenting the head table with bell shaped cloches is the perfect finishing touch.

Elevated cloches can serve double duty at each place setting for your dinner parties…


 …by adding height to the scene, and offering your guests a little starter before the main meal. I love the way the cloche off-sets the wine glass.

Or how about using a cloche for your centerpiece instead?


Did you notice the glass bobbles inside? A perfect way to add extra height to the cones, and bounce just a little more light for sparkle and shine.

And if it’s breakfast or brunch that’s taking place…


Wouldn’t it be fun to serve each guest with their own mini cloche while also keeping their food warm?

When it comes to presentation, I like the function of layering cloches into vignettes.

An elevated cloche can establish the height, and then it’s easy to layer your pieces down from there.


In a tapering triangle like you see here. Notice how the crystal pieces are staggered in height?

Cloches are perfect to layer in front.


Because they add visual interest, and still allow the eye to see through to your treasures placed in behind.

A cloche not only highlights treasures, but can be it’s own treasure too.


Like this French glass dome c. 1890s placed over a vintage set of books. I think the books look so amazing displayed like this.

Reflecting light. A key element in decor. And placing a glass cloche over a set of apothecary jars will do just that.


Notice how the other pieces in this vignette also have reflective surfaces?

Try placing one cloche over another…


If you don’t happen to own a cloche, never fear.

Maybe you can you find inspiration in this DIY vignette.


See how easy it is to create your own cloche-look using other glass objects? Did you notice the dome over the rose?

Well that’s actually repurposed from something like this.


Can you believe? And did you notice the price tag? Just $2.99 at the Goodwill!

Here’s another idea you might like.

These cloches are designed for the jewellery trees…


But you can easily adapt this idea for your own jewellery by repurposing 2nd-hand dome clocks. Who knew it could be this easy?

And since cloches were originally made for outside…


I couldn’t resist ending with this one.

What a bright idea to welcome guests to your home! 😉

I hope you’ve found some ideas in here that might work for you. I know I’ve found a few!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Play It Safe for Our Little Ghosts & Goblins

One more weekend before Halloween. And since there’s still time… have you thought about a little extra lighting leading to your doorstep for that dark, scary night?

Here are a few ideas to illuminate your creativity.

Lead the way by lining your path…


See how effective this can be in the dark?


It’s amazing how much light is cast.

Carving pumpkins can be as simple as drilling holes to create a pattern…


But did you guess that these pumpkins are lit with a string of clear Christmas lights. Click here for the DIY tutorial… maybe you’ll find another creative way to incorporate this technique for some additional light.

Lanterns are great for adding an extra glow.


They don’t have to have a pumpkin theme, but it’s a good idea to define each step.


Our little Ghosts & Goblins, Princesses and Charmers, are so excited to ring the doorbell, that it’s easy for them to trip up…

I would recommend  placing a large urn, something like this one, at the foot of the stairs rather than on a step as this one is…


This will really help to define where the last step is. It’s so easy to misjudge when it’s dark, and take a tumble in a hasty exit for the next home on the route.

If you have an arbour, gateway or another pass-thru…


Ghosted lanterns like this can add a guiding light. Remember, you can use flameless candles to avoid a fire hazard… and I would also be sure to hang things high enough, or construct them in a way that they won’t get tangled in our Trick or Treaters’ costumes.

If you have potential obstructions to be careful of…


Take advantage of them. Create a little display that can be lit up at night. Imagine how fantastic the lanterns and pumpkins will look glowing in the dark, and there’s less chance for an unfortunate collision along the way.

There are so many great ideas out there. Here are a few more for you along with their DIY tutorials…

Turn plastic milk jugs into a row of lit up little ghosts…


DIY Tutorial

And empty jars into Jack-O-Lanterns…


DIY Tutorial

Or Frankenstein and Friends!


DIY Tutorial

Even these DIY patio lights could shine a light to lead the way…


DIY Tutorial

I might consider spray painting these orange, but you decide.

In the end there is so much that can be done to create a Halloween scene for the little ones, and still add the element of safety to the mix.

What do you do for extra lighting on Halloween? Do you have any safety tips to share?


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Happy Thanksgiving

We’ve had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend so far. How about you?

Today is our turkey day, and this is what I wanted to create for a centrepiece…

Source: House & Home

And I actually did buy three butternut squash to hollow out… But when I went to buy the flowers I fell in love with the ornamental cabbage instead!

And this is what I ended up with in lieu of the vases above…

The ornamental cabbage is off-set in the basket near the back, and the butternut squash has been integrated too!

I also added in a vase my Aunt gave to me last weekend. It’s a Royal Haegar vase that she’s had in her collection since the 70’s…

A new keepsake, and one that I will treasure for sure.

Maybe I’ll do the gourd vases next year 😉

Happy Thanksgiving…  and to my Southern friends, Happy Columbus Day! I hope you are spending your day doing the things you love with the people you love 🙂

XO Sheila

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What’s Special on Your Table?

Fireplaces, Throws and a Little Autumn Cozy


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Fireplaces, Throws and a Little Autumn Cozy

When you think of curling up and getting all cozy, what comes to mind for you?

For me it’s a crackling fireplace and a warm, snuggly throw. Well, to be honest, for me the warm snuggly throw doesn’t have a season. I use one year-round, but that’s just the Linus in me Charlie Brown!


Here’s some inspiration for you to take a break, and cozy up in front of the fireplace… don’t forget your throw 😉

Would these rooms with their beautiful fireplaces beckon you in?








Is it still just warm enough that you’d rather cozy up outside? With an outdoor fireplace like this you’re bound to be warm no matter what!


Do you think this little group is cozy and toasty warm?


The hot coals in this fireplace suggest they’re better than toasty and warm! But if not I bet these throws would help them out.


Do you have a fireplace? Are you ready to take a break yet? Don’t forget your throw!

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Fresh Pears for Fall Flair

It’s been so warm I haven’t been inspired to think about Autumn yet, that is until the cool set in today. So for some fall inspiration I turned to one of my favorite fruits…


Here are some simple ideas to dress up your décor with the help of fresh pears and a few assorted companions…

Like a wooden crate and autumn leaves to create an instant hit with organic flair.


Or a clear vase filled with water and blossoms. Try swapping out the blossoms for plain branches to really bring the feeling of autumn inside.


How stunning is this pear shaped container filled with… you know it… pears!


And if a pear shaped container is not within reach, creating a mini vignette like this one would be easy to do. Do you think the covers have been removed from the books?


When you’re having guests in for dinner an edible place card holder is sure to create some conversational buzz!


And see how pretty this table setting is…


Putting together an autumn look can be effortless. A tray of pears and glowing candles is all you need.


But if you really want to have a little fun…

Try this DIY project for gilded pears!


With a display like this, how can you resist? Seriously, it looks harder than it is… click here for the step-by-step tutorial!

What are your favorite features for fall décor? Do you decorate with pears, or other fresh fruits?

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