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DIY Closet Touch-Ups. It’s In the Details!

DIY Closet Touch-Ups. It’s In the Details!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you will have seen my post featuring this quick closet fix. Side note, ‘Before’ shot was taken during the day, ‘After’ was taken later in the evening – no flash was used in either shot. What a difference natural…

The Summer of To Do & Done

The Summer of To Do & Done

So what did we do this summer? Well… we moved. That was big! Moving Day!… (read here) And then we set up home… We installed a bunch of shelving. Basement Storage… (read here) Reworked our closet organizer from the last home to fit the new…

ReDesigning A Closet Organizer For A New Space

ReDesigning A Closet Organizer For A New Space

While I wait for my Pinterst Challenge project to dry, I thought it was time to give you an update on the closet organizing situation in our new master bedroom.

When we were in our last home we installed a Rubbermaid closet organizer (here), which worked really well for us. And since we were renting, when we moved, the closet organizer came with us.

Enter the room we chose for us in the new rental, and this is the closet within.

Yet another single rod, one shelf system. In our opinion, a serious waste of space, and a system that doesn’t work for us.

Why? Because this is what we had to find a home for…

‘Ours’, hung temporarily on a rolling clothes rack during the closet system installation.


Could you tell this pile was ‘his’? What was your clue 😉

And ‘hers’…

And this doesn’t include dresses, skirts, and shoes!

So we set to work taking the existing system down…

…which we re-installed in the basement for additional off-season coat storage.

We had to make some changes to the organizer configuration from the way we had it installed in the other home. The other closet was a bit longer, and had a set of built-in shelves at the same end that you see here.

But not this one. So we put the shorter bar on this end instead, which we use to hang pants at full-length.

We kept the double bars in the same location as before.

But what we completely changed is the addition of the baskets in the center of the closet. Did you notice, these are the same baskets that used to be in our laundry room in the last home (here)?

The only other addition is the basket on the floor (which may, or may not stay). That one wasn’t in the old laundry room, but it was used in a closet in the last house.

We actually had to put the closet together in two stages, because we needed to buy the brackets and shelving material to set the baskets on. But we wanted to install the system to this point first.

So this is a glimpse of stage one before the shelving was installed. The clothes were hung up temporarily in the interim.

One of the crucial components of this closet system is the tie rack. This is what happened to the ties while we were in limbo between closet systems.

They were hung over the quilt rack with the quilt of many colours… (I wrote about the quilt here). Imagine trying to pick out a tie first thing in the morning from this rainbow of colour!

Here’s a look at the tie storage now.

The rack actually slides out.

Like this…

Much easier to work with!

So in the end we have a similar configuration with some trade-offs, but with a closet that is far more functional than the traditional single rod, single shelf system you so often find.

The point of this post is just to show you how a Rubbermaid closet system can be redesigned into a new space, and still deliver equal functionality. And with this post what you also get to see is how baskets were re-purposed and integrated to optimize the usable space of this closet.

Do you have a closet system in your home? Would you be able to take it with you and redesign your new closet space with it if you moved?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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