The Green in Feng Shui

I’m wishing you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day early as I’ll be away from my computer, or at best sporadically on and off it this weekend.

Source: Simply Gluten-Free Blog

But before I go…

This week I attended a Feng Shui presentation by Gail Cole from All Things Balanced. Have you seen All Things Balanced on Facebook?

Gail has been working with Feng Shui for the last 10 years, and her presentation certainly reflects that depth of knowledge. The first time I ever read a book about Feng Shui was back in 1998. I’ve read quite a few since then, but I’ve still been left with unanswered questions and confusions. Gail was able to answer my questions, and I have a lot more clarity about those things that were puzzling me.

So… in honour of Saint Patrick’s Day, here are a few things I learned about green in Feng Shui.

Green belongs to the WOOD element, one of the five elements in Feng Shui. The others are water, fire, metal, and earth.

Source: Pinterest / Windsor Companies

Green is the color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings.

Source: Re-orient Feng Shui

Green is balancing. It is calming, healing, relaxing, and tranquil.

Source: Photo Dictionary

But did you know that if green is used in excess it can become tiresome? So that means too much of a good thing is not a good thing!

And apparently that includes house plants. Limit your plants to 2 or 3 in one space, as many plants take up all the live energy in the room.

Source: Eco Ike Blog

And if there is any dead foliage on them, remove it. If you have a plant that is dying, replace it with a larger, healthier plant.

Bamboo is considered a lucky plant in Feng Shui.

Source: Exotic Plants Blog

And black pots are used for grounding wealth.

Dried flowers are a no-no, as in taboo in Feng Shui, and that’s because they are, well, dead, so they are negative energy in a space.

Source: Laughing With Angels Blog

But silk or faux plants are okay as long as you keep them dusted and clean.

Source: Bye Bye Bitters via House and Home

And apparently when working with green in Feng Shui it is important to have several different shades in order to maximize the energy it brings.

Source: Alla Kondrat – Feng Shui @ Suite 101

There is a lot more to it… and I didn’t even touch on the Bagua! But I thought these few tips might be fun for you to contemplate.

Do you work with Feng Shui principles in your space? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you have a great Saint Patrick’s Day filled with lots of green (but not too much 😉 ), and that the wishes you make come true! 🙂



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Side Table Redo… What to Do?

I picked up a great little side table the other day, and plan to give it a makeover.

SZInteriors Photo

But what to do?

Love this vintage 1920s table.

Source: 1st Dibs

The distressing you see is actually the original paint starting to chip and peel. No faux in this look, but it can be done!

Or I could go with a dark distressed top…

Source: Lilyfield Life Blog

And a fun colour on the bottom. I have been thinking about maybe a grayish-blue.

I like what Kate from Centsational Girl did here.

Source: Centsational Girl

Classic country chic, a look that never tires.

I could swap out the white for black…

Source: Remodelaholic / Choose to Thrive Blog

Black works well in our space, but I’m not sure.

Maybe a distressed black would be a better fit.

Source: Three Mango Seeds Blog

And in the end, I’m not even sure I want a stained top.

Maybe a distressed gray top and another colour on the bottom.


Source: Perfectly Imperfect Blog

I’m thinking I would paint the bottom in a darker colour though. Or maybe I’ll just paint the whole table out in one solid colour.

It’s fun trying to decide what to do. That’s what I love about DIY makeovers – you can do anything you want, and the possibilities are endless!

How about you? Got any projects brewing that are waiting on a direction, too?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Decorating Palette Pals: Drinks & Decor

Inspired by the drink!

Sometimes you see an image and it just takes you to another place. So I decided to have a little fun pairing up some summer love’n lemonades, a few adult inspired cocktails and their colour palette pals inside…


Source: Blessed By Southern Charm  / Pinterest

Source: Delish via Country Living  / Designers Guild


Source: Show Some Decor Blog / Southern Living

Source: Country Living / Perch New Orleans Blog

Source: The Perfect Palette / Brabourne Farm Blog

Source: Valley and Co Lifestyle / Chic Provence Blog

Kinda fun, right?

What’s inspired you with your decor lately?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. I’d love to help you out with that! Contact me here.



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The Vintage Past of Kelly Green

With the resurgence of Kelly Green front and center, I thought it would be fun to step back in time and see what Kelly was up to in the good old days.

Do you remember this brilliant green?

If you were around in the 80’s I bet you do… but weren’t the 80’s just yesterday? Anyway, for a colour that was ‘so yesterday’, be ready to see a whole lot more of it in the coming year.

Especially in fixtures like this retro pendant.

Source: Green & Indie Design Blog

And in furniture like this Mid-Century Modern velvet chair.

Source: Caitlin Creer Interiors

 Or how about these Saarinen styled pieces, c. 1960’s?

Source: Manly Vintage

But if you really want to see Kelly Green in all her vintage splendor, then you have to check out what Murano glass brings to the table. Murano glass has been around for a very long time, and was popular in decor through the Mid-Century Modern era and into the 70’s.

The small island of Murano lies just off the coast of Venice, Italy. As innovators in the late 1200s, Murano glassmakers were ‘kept hostage’ on the island for fear of fire from their furnaces and to prevent the secret of their art from being replicated by the rest of the world. Murano glass masters today create traditional pieces to contemporary art glass and sculptures, figurines, paperweights, vases and even glass chandeliers. (Source: eHow)

We’re seeing Murano inspired art glass surfacing again, but the pieces you’re about to see are authentic vintage from the time.

Like these Murano glass lamps, c. 1960s.

Source: Swank Lighting Blog

They are pretty swanky, don’t you think?

And I love these ones, c. 1950s…

Source: 1st Dibs

I also came across some very cool and unusual Murano pieces.

Like this vintage Sommerso vase.

Source: Etsy

And this Sommerso free form Wave bowl…

Source: Mercer and Dibble

The shape of this bowl is typical of Murano art glass – random, curving, and definitely free form.

Another Murano piece you might think is a vase, but it’s not, is this sculpture exemplifying what art glass is all about.

Source: Amazon

Pure beauty that captivates your attention, and pleases your eye.

Back in the day ashtrays were an expected accessory in homes, and Murano glass made gorgeous ashtrays.

Source: Retrospect

I like the chunky weight of this piece, and how the green changes as the light hits it. Pretty exquisite, and definitely a statement of what was glamourized in its time!

Murano, of course, wasn’t the only creator of unique glass pieces…

How about this very cool orb ashtray?

Source: Stylehive

It’s a Mid-Century Modern Viking art glass piece. Doesn’t this just exude the old boys club?

But we can’t let the boys have all the fun now can we?

For the ladies, a vintage Avon perfume bottle.

Source: Pinterest

A little bit of Hollywood Glam… what’s not to love?

You could vignette the little perfume bottle with this antique set of crystal candlesticks, c. late 19th Century…

Source: Spicer & Bank Blog

Or maybe a few of these Depression glass pieces…

Source: Etsy

Just think of the eye-catching displays one can create.

The possibilities are endless.

There were so many amazing pieces, I wanted to share them all. But green is one of my favorite colours, and I know it’s often a ‘love it or hate it’ colour, so I’ll stop here.

Well, okay… just one more. And only because the shape of this vintage art glass bowl, c. 1960s, is so pretty…

Source: Etsy

And I can’t believe it doubled as an ashtray! Can you see the grooves for the cigarettes? Oh, and if you’re looking to pick up a Murano glass ashtray, pop on over to Audrey Would! We happen to have this one available!

Murano Glass Ashtray, Green Swirl

Source: Audrey Would! Vintage Home

What do you think of the revival of Kelly Green? Are you a green person? Do you have any vintage pieces hiding away?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Photograph sources noted below each image. Please link and credit if you choose to use. 

KRAVET: Did you know…

Last night as part of the Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Group (VISSR) I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Kravet regional representative Brenda Marks.


Brenda’s depth of knowledge was incredible! There was so much to take in all at once, that I’m still in processing mode. Seriously. But I thought I’d try to share a few of the highlights with you anyway.

We learned what the latest trends, fabric blends and patterns are, what’s hot on the horizon for 2012, and what has lived its life. And guess what. Like it or not, beige is here to stay. Imagine how blown away we were to hear that!

Brenda explained that statistically (proven by actual sales) most consumers want some form of beige. Remember, I said ‘most’, not ‘all’. Even though as professionals we head over to the ‘WOW’, edgy mix of colours, our clients for the most part don’t follow suit. And that’s why beige is here to stay – it sells!

The key to keeping beige current is in the selection of colours that go with it, and that’s where Kravet and fabric design comes in. For example, the pattern trend for 2011 is ikat in the same colour…

Like this blue and white ikat.

Bristow 5



But the #1 seller is this ikat in gray-taupe-beige.

Bansuri 1611


Can you see how the beige is accented with taupe in the ikat pattern, but the background is actually gray? It’s in this way, through the fabric design, that beige is kept current.

Tip: in case you’re wondering, ikat is pronounced ‘e-cot’. Brenda clarified this based on Kravet’s research of the correct pronunciation.

In spite of the beige persistence, colour is huge and is the #1 trend in motion. Have you seen Kravet’s home page on their website?


Most of these pillows are shown in ‘Modern Colours’ from Kravet Couture, and it’s just a taste of what you’ll be seeing more of… but you won’t find these at the retail level. Kravet fabrics are supplied to you through your design professional. Watch for colour and pattern trends in 2012 – yes, that’s right, 2012 – to surface in bright, bold jewel tones, especially blue, and in variations of the suzani pattern, which are large round medallian-like patterns.

Tip: the incoming colour palette is referred to as the Floridian palette, and the large suzani patterns are intended for WOW impact on small-scale items like pillows, not large pieces like sofas.

Hot, hot trend alert #3 is wallpaper. Have you noticed that wallpaper is starting to pop up everywhere? Who would’ve guessed we’d see this trend again! But gone are the dreaded patterned papers of the past. If you haven’t seen or felt a Kravet wallcovering, you really must. These are just two examples taken from Kravet’s online samples. It really is worth seeing their selection for yourself.


And they’re not only beautiful to look at, but also to the touch. Thick, heavy-weight, and huge attention to detail. Some actually have the pattern stitched on. Kravat’s wallcoverings are truly an art form worthy of framing. In fact, if you aren’t quite sold on the returning trend of wallpaper why not warm up to it this way?

Tip: If you’re interested in a wallcovering, you can request a sample on-line for free. It will take about 3 days to arrive.

And just a few other things that we learned…

  1. Spa colours are no longer a trend; they outlasted the ‘trend’ by 3 years, and have now become a lifestyle colour palette.
  2. Chenile is the top upholstery cloth of choice; it is strong, and even tops velvet for preferred upholstery fabric.
  3. In spite of their opposite sheens, silk and linen can always be put together and will look fantastic every time.
  4. Best use for wallcoverings, but not limited to, are the foyer, powder room, and master bedroom; however, don’t do this all in one home or it will be too much.

Did you know that Canada’s very own Candice Olson teamed up with Kravet a few years ago, and together they bring us the Candice Olson for Kravet Collections?


The collection is gorgeous, and of course, very ‘Candice’. There are so many beautiful options, it’s hard to pick a favorite, from either the fabrics or the wallcoverings.

But if I had to select one that I think really feels like Candice, it would be this wallcovering.


It’s modern, classy, and has some shine. Candice always has sparkle and shine in her designs, and I can only imagine how fabulous a room would be with this on the walls. What do you think?

These are just some of the highlights from the world of Kravet. As I mentioned in the beginning, I’m still in processing mode! I really recommend you take a moment to go to their website and see all their amazing options for yourself. And if you’re interested, you can sign up to receive their blog, ‘Inspired Talk‘, or like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, You Tube, etc. The choice is yours!

How do you feel about bright, bold jewel tones? Do you have a favorite? Are you relieved or dismayed to learn that beige is here to stay… in one form or another? Do you like wallpaper? How about large patterns? I’d love to know your thoughts.

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Painting the Floor White

White painted floors – they’re not for everyone, but if you look around you’ll see them popping up everywhere… Everywhere! And they’re here to stay for a while…

Not just in summer cottages like this…


Although what does ‘just’ summer cottages like this mean? Who wouldn’t want one like this?

I really like the cottage chic feeling of this kitchen. I love the black apron front sink and all the black accents. Did you notice that the floor boards run in a different direction than the ceiling boards? And that the ceiling is glossy, but the floor is matte? These details help to balance the look and feel, and to create a fresh, yet cozy intimate feeling in the room.

White floors are not limited to coastal cabins…


In fact, this coastal cabin floor looks like it has a slightly grayish colour to it. But whether it’s white or gray, or somewhere in between… doesn’t this space have a welcoming feeling to it? I know I would totally be able to relax and kick back here. Would you join me?

How about the eclectic mix of this lofty loveliness?


I really like that both the wood floor and the brick wall are painted out. It takes a lot of courage to sweep the first brush stroke across hardwood or brick, but once you have taken that swipe you are in the game. This room is proof that the risk is worth taking.

And then there’s all the touches and influences of modern decor that you’d think would keep this space from being one of the white painted floor crowd.


Right from the tufted bench to the glass-top table… yet what elevates this dining room from its modern cohorts is the white painted floor!

Jonathan Adler. What can I possibly say about Jonathan that you haven’t already heard?


This foyer is designed by Jonathan Adler. Need I say more?

And… What’s new? Let me now introduce the très chic world of upper elegance where formal meets informal…


Who would’ve thought you’d see velvet drapes, classic antiques and white painted floors in the same room? Isn’t this fabulous?

Today’s decorating is all about mixing the old with the new, glam with industrial chic, flea market finds with high-end design… and now, all this with white painted floors! But before you commit to painting your wood floors white, there are a few things to consider.

‘How To’ things to consider AKA TIPS:

  1. White painted floors, though beautiful, do need to be maintained. Be aware that there is no forgiveness for pet hair, dusty dirt, or summer footprint grime. Unless you wash – and dry – your feet every time you’ve  been outside barefooted, you run the risk of leaving the evidence behind!
  2. If you decide to paint your own floors, know that although it may sound easy, it’s actually a big job. Just be prepared, that’s all.
  3. In order to be prepared, the time-consuming tasks and main considerations to factor in are:
    • Sanding and prepping the floor for painting (including filling chips or gashes where necessary).
    • Vacuuming and thoroughly wiping down the floor to remove all dust and dirt, ensuring floors are impeccably clean before painting.
    • Allowing enough time to actually complete the job… read on!
    • Planning for 24 hours between ‘thin’ coats, so that’s the base coat plus 2 more coats… Yes, that’s 72 hours for propper drying time from start to finish.
    • Ensuring the heat is kept at 70F for even drying.
    • Rolling on THIN coats. This is important. If you roll the coats on too thick they will not level properly.
    • Making sure you select the proper floor paint… repeat, making sure you select the proper floor paint!
      • Did you know that wall paint is stickier than floor paint? That’s because it has to stick to the vertical surface. Floor paint is thinner and more watery, so that it dries evenly at the same thickness (levels), and doesn’t bubble up. In fact, floor paint is like dipping your brush in milk.
      • This is the time to ask for assistance!
      • In general you’ll want a porch and floor paint with excellent leveling properties, and this is usually oil based, unless you opt for Farrow & Ball who now have an environmentally conscious oil-free floor paint.
    • Planning to be somewhere else while the paint is drying.
    • Remember… the easy part is choosing the colour!

Is this enough to make you change your mind? I hope not! I just think it’s better to know ahead exactly what you’re getting into rather than getting started and being unpleasantly surprised… in other words, not having to learn the hard way.

But just in case you are feeling a little skeptical…






Is this enough to convince you?

Can you see from all these images just how versatile white painted floors can be? There’s a look for almost any style, and anyone…

Which one would you choose?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Accents of Plum for Spring

Have you thought about integrating plum into your decor? As one of the hot design trends this Spring, I thought you might like to see just how fabulous this colour really is.

Designer Susanna Salk says that plum is an ideal decor accent because the color is both masculine and feminine, and it provides an elegant and soothing touch to walls that are painted neutral.  Mixing a variety of shapes and tones will create depth in the space and complement a variety of accents and furniture. [Source]

I have selected a few different decor options so you can let your mind wander, and maybe even find an idea for your own home!


























So… what do you think? Will you be integrating plum into your decor this year? I know I would love to work some ‘pretty in plum’ into my home… starting with the area rug. I love that rug!

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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And Green Is For…

Green is for today…







And it’s here to stay for awhile. What do you think? Is green a colour for you?



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!


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