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FUNtastic Glassware

FUNtastic Glassware

Imagine a hot summer day… chilled wine waiting… And this whimsical wineglass. Wouldn’t it be fun to drink from this ‘glassy’ work of art? I think it would. And just imagine how pretty it would look sitting on your table, too. Local Vancouver Island artist,…

‘Ikat’ Comes Home

‘Ikat’ Comes Home

What is Ikat, besides a fabulous punctuation in decor? Ikat is… in my home now in the form of 3 toss cushions! And even better, I paid less for them than the amount they were marked down. I definitely was not in search of decorative…

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 27th.

WINNERS in Duncan is having their winter ‘Final Clearance’ event… which, according to the sales clerk I spoke with, only happens twice a year – once towards the end of the winter season,  and the other at the end of the summer season. The final clearance of items has already begun, but the serious price slashing is yet to come…

We already know WINNERS’ markdowns are amazing, but seriously, this event is full of unbelieveable discounts. On the 27th markdowns will happen 3x in the day; once at 9:00 AM, then Noon, and the third at 3:00 PM. Many clearance items will be on their 3rd or 4th markdown – just count up the overlapping red stickers on the price tag, and that will tell you how many times the item has been reduced!

A few things that I’ve read (customer comments), but not sure which, if either, are indeed fact:

  1. If you see a staff member walking around with a price scanner, ask them to scan your items, and if there has been a further price reduction you’ll have another red sticker printed on the spot.
  2. Conversely, staff will not reduce any items you are already carrying around, as clearance items must be on the rack to receive further markdowns.

As I said, I don’t know which, if either is true. But honestly, I think the best advice is if you see something you want, DON’T WAIT. It may be scooped up by someone else while you wait for a further price reduction! Be okay with the already great price the moment you find it, or be prepared to take a gamble. Just remember that there are no guarantees – the item may actually be at its lowest price already!

Also keep in mind the reality of the event. It is FINAL CLEARANCE, and apparently anything that doesn’t sell by the end of this event will be donated (see who WINNERS supports here). So take the time to sift through the markdown items while you can… who knows, you just might find a treasure lurking within!

Did you know…

All WINNERS and HOME SENSE outlets have begun their final clearance markdowns?

Wondering if the WINNERS near you is slashing their prices on the 27th, too? Contact WINNERS for more information.

Enjoy your weekend!

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Photo 1: WINNERS website

Thumbnail Image & Photo 2: Sheila Zeller

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Display of Affection

Display of Affection

Love this display by John and Sherry of Young House Love! It looks so fresh and cheery. In this post, John mentions looking forward to hanging some ‘kid art’, and a further comment by one of their readers mentions the artwork their daughter, Clara will…

A Drum Roll for the Drum Shade

A Drum Roll for the Drum Shade

I’m sure you’re familiar with the ever popular drum shade. It came into style in the early 20th century… fell off the ‘must have list’ sometime in the ’80s and through the 90’s… but has since returned and reclaimed its popularity. Only now the traditional…

V is for Vicente!

V is for Vicente!

Yesterday V was for Valentine’s… and today V is for Vicente!

I am so excited because my Hubby Valentine surprised me with Vicente Wolf’s newest book, ‘Lifting the Curtain on Design‘.

This book has been on my wish list since it hit the stands, so needless to say, I’m pretty happy! Especially because we don’t usually make a big event out of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate (always a little bit of chocolate!), and a card, a fun dinner, and then we kick back and relax for the evening.

In flipping through the pages, it’s everything I had hoped it would be. Now I can’t wait to actually read it!

In case you don’t have the titles of the first two books, they are:

Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design’

Learning to See: Bringing the World Around You into Your Home

Have you read any of these books? Which one is your favorite?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Photos from Vicente Wolf blog

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Roses Are Red…

Roses Are Red…

Roses are red Violets are blue Here’s where I’d be 🙁 If I didn’t have you! You are simply THE BEST! Thank you for reading my Blog… Liking my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SheilaZellerInteriors Staying linked on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/sheilazeller Following me on Twitter http://twitter.com/SZInteriors ~and~ Re-tweeting my…

An Hourglass Figure!

An Hourglass Figure!

In contemplating ideas for the office, I showed you this rope vignette that I fell in love with. Thank you for the comments you left! Since then I’ve purchased a small fishbowl vase, and have it displayed on a stack of books (these aren’t my…

A Chair With A Story

A Chair With A Story

This sturdy chair, solid teak and leather, was a floor model reduced from $499 to $149… no, not a typo!

Tip: buying a floor model is a great way to save, but remember where it’s been. Definitely check for wear & tear damage you wouldn’t want to live with before purchasing.

I wasn’t really searching for a new chair, but when I saw it there was something that struck me… and that was before noticing the price!

Quick math. This chair would add more seating to the small TV den our daughter hangs out in with her friends; it would be a great pal to the microfibre sofa that’s in the room now; and it would be easy to care for. Hmmm. Maybe a good deal, but I wanted feedback from home first. So, I took a quick picture of it on my phone, and left.

The chair turned out a lot more orange in the picture than it really was, and I forgot to save the image, but it was similar to this…

But in the end the family ‘got the picture’, so-to-speak, and we all agreed the chair would be a good addtion to the  TV den.

Just to give you a colour comparison, here is a shot of the sofa – not a great shot, but it gives you the idea of what we were working with. Note: the sofa also clicks down into a spare bed when needed.

This photo was taken a while back, but there are now black leather storage cubes with wooden trays on each end of the sofa. They multi-purpose as end tables and a place to keep our DVD’s hidden away!

Anyway, I headed off the next morning, bright and early, to buy the chair before anyone else did. I mean, who can resist such a fantastic savings if you’re even semi in-the-market for a new chair? When I arrived the chair was still there (whew), but the price had gone back up (GULP)! I looked all around thinking the sale tag must have fallen on the floor, or gotten placed somewhere else near the chair…

Finally I asked for help and learned…

…that the sale price was actually a ‘limited time only’ offer, which had ended at closing the night before 🙁 So much for the $350 savings. My heart sank knowing that though we wanted this chair, we did not want it that badly. But it was still hard to let go of in the moment, and walk away. Luck was on my side, however, because the manager agreed to honour the special offer price, but I had to take the chair ‘as is’, and could not return it for any reason. SOLD. I had already done a test-sit the day before, and given it a once-over, so knew what I was buying!

The chair is quite deep to sit in, so we have added some throw pillows. They are not a great fix – they just happened to be some that we had on hand, but the fabric is way too slippery on the leather!

So I’m asking for your input. What kind of toss cushion(s) would you put in this chair? What fabric, texture, colour, pattern, etc. would you use?  Would you add a throw to the mix? Oh, I should mention that the wall colour doesn’t show up very true in the photos; it’s Benjamin Moore’s ‘Killarney’ CC-698, and is actually more sagey, even though it looks quite grayish in the photos.

When we introduced the chair to the room, that’s when the leather cubes mentioned earlier became end tables. Before that they served as tables in front of the sofa, and stools when extra seating was needed. So now we are also on the lookout for a great multi-purpose replacement. Something to serve as a coffee table/foot stool/possible storage, and we’re thinking maybe a round ottoman would work.

This shot gives you another perspective of what’s going on in the room. We haven’t found a table the right size for the TV and PVR yet, so just look past the stool! The area beside the TV serves as a homework area, and the throw is just to mix things up a bit. See the open space in the middle of the room? That’s the space we need to fill.

We’re looking for a piece that’s about 24″ to 30″ (max) in diameter and about 14″ high. I think 16″ would be too high, and 12″ would be a bit too low. This is not a huge investment piece; it may even leave home with our daughter in a few years when she heads off to college! Have you seen anything that might work? Do you have any suggestions?

I hope you will leave a comment. I like to hear your thoughts and am very curious for your feedback.

Does your space have a story to tell? Could it function better with multipurpose furniture? Maybe we can help. Contact us to schedule an introductory consultation – remember the first ½ hour is on the house!

Mary Fox Pottery – What’s New in 2011?

Mary Fox Pottery – What’s New in 2011?

Mary Fox Pottery has a fantastic new website, and I’m thinking you just might want to bookmark the address! http://www.maryfoxpottery.ca/ This is just a little glimpse of the website’s home page… and what you’ll find once you’re there… in the gallery that is! Why not…