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Thrifting: What Story Hangs Here?

Thrifting: What Story Hangs Here?

Another treasure seeking adventure… This time I came across a whole collection of vintage wooden hangers, some marked, and some designed without a name! I thought it would be fun to peek inside a few historical closets, and get a glimpse of what these hangers…

‘Twas Almost Christmas When All Through the House…

‘Twas Almost Christmas When All Through the House…

Christmas is only days away – can you believe? I’ve finished my course, passed my exam, and done as much decorating as I’m going to do! Want to take a little peek? Last year I tried my hand at cedar boughs on the banister, and…

Paperwhite Progress

Paperwhite Progress

Some of you might be wondering where I’ve disappeared to lately. Just know, I am trying to catch blog posts and leave the odd comment, but these last few weeks have been consumed with something I’ve been working on for a while. And I’m down to the crunch.

This is currently my can’t live without tool!

Nothing too festive about this, right?

So, I thought I’d update you on the progress of my Paperwhites instead!

You might remember back in early November when I planted the bulbs.

If you missed that post, you can catch it here.

Well, one month later this is where they’re at!

We’ve even had a few bloom!

They are getting a little leggy, and I was warned they would, so I’ve tied them together with some jute. But for a first go at growing them, I’m pretty impressed they took!

Do you plant Paperwhites? What are your tricks for keeping them upright and looking nice for the Holidays?

P.S. – here’s what my desk looks like right now!

Can I just say, it doesn’t usually look like this!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate that you did ūüôā

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

Great Performances & Billionaires!

Great Performances & Billionaires!

Do you remember back in September when I hosted a giveaway¬†for my hubby’s newly released book, Great Performances: The Small Business Script for the 21st Century? Well, we just had its official launch, so I thought I’d follow up with a photo story of the…

IDSwest 2012: A Final Tour Through the Show

IDSwest 2012: A Final Tour Through the Show

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, I thought I’d do a photo tour through the show with you! And seriously, this is just a snippet of IDSwest this year. But you know how it goes. It’s hard to see and do everything!…

A Little Lamp Update

A Little Lamp Update

Remember when I posted about this lamp?

And showed you the replacement shade I picked up for it at ReStore?

Then left you with a cliff hanger and only showed you this much?

Well, here’s a little glimpse at how this revitalized lamp looks when it’s placed with a few friends.

Abstract Painting by Sea to Canvas

Not so bad for a $2.00 shade, right?

Click here to see the mystery project that goes with this lamp!

Do you recognize a few pieces in the mix?


Photography: Sheila Zeller

Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!

Treasure Seeking in a Thrifty Kind of Way!

Last week my treasure hunting created a mystery with the¬†large vintage shortening bin¬†I picked up at a garage sale. And Andrea was super sweet in featuring it this week! Thank you so much for the feature, Andrea! Well my mystery is no closer to being…

Rainbows On the Floor

Rainbows On the Floor

Last Friday I was delighted to guest post for Luciane over at Home Bunch. Did you catch this¬†‘Cool or Fool’¬†feature?¬†Well, today I thought I would expand on the multi-coloured striped theme of that post. Read on… and warning, this post is photo heavy, but I…

Artist Easel to TV Stand ‘Before & After’

Artist Easel to TV Stand ‘Before & After’

Featured by…

TV Cabinet Solutions

 Thank you so much!

You might remember waaaaay back about this time last year I posted in excitement about wanting to turn an artist easel into a TV stand. This was inspired by Vicente Wolf’s very creative idea, and if you missed my post you can catch up on it here. And then in House & Home’s June issue this year, an art easel turned TV stand was a¬†featured DIY project!

This was exactly the push I needed to get back on track and tackle my year-in-waiting project!

Here’s what the easel looked like in its ‘before’ state.

Art Easel

Notice there is just one shelf.

There was a concern that the TV would be too top-heavy for the stand once it was mounted, making it tip forward. A test-run proved this stand to be a lot sturdier than you would think, and with the added weight of the audio equipment on the bottom, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Here’s the TV console we were replacing along with all the audio equipment that would have to make the move. I forgot to take a true ‘before’ of it, so you’ll notice the TV is missing!

Without getting too lost in the details of this project, one of the things we did was add two more shelves to accommodate our equipment.

I had my heart set on painting the stand black, because I wanted the equipment to blend in. I opted to brush rather than spray the stand, and oh boy, what a chore that was! Just the sanding and taping was more than I bargained for! You see, I had to sand off a clear coat finish, and then tape all the knobs and exposed hardware. And this stand has a lot of grooves, not to mention a bunch of knobs, back and front, as well as ample hardware!

I used CIL’s low VOC, low odour DUO paint (Dark Secret, DL51 in semi-gloss), so was spared the priming. I haven’t used CIL’s 2-in-1 paint before, and was curious about its coverage. In the end the stand got two coats, and needed some touch-ups just where the frame was adjusted once the TV was mounted. The frame was tedious to adjust, which is why I didn’t mess with it when I was painting.

Next hubs drilled the frame so he could mount our center speaker for the surround sound right in the center of the stand. Makes sense, right?

The TV, by the way, was mounted with steel strapping.

We used the TV’s pre-existing screw holes meant for a wall-mount bracket¬†to attach the strapping, and wrapped it¬†snugly¬†over the back rest of the easel.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if I liked the outcome.

But then when I went back to the living room ‘before’ photo with the TV console…

And looked around the room with the new TV easel finished and in place…

Well, I decided there was no comparison. I love the sculptural feel and uniqueness of the stand, and how compact the equipment is sitting on the stand. I like how the stand works with the clock, and the decor. But most of all, I like that the stand tucked perfectly into the corner… it’s such an awkward corner. Did you notice that?

This was a case of, if you can’t disguise the TV, then go all out with it instead!

I’m curious to hear what you think! And, I’d love your thoughts on the wall behind the TV, too. Would you put anything there, or leave that spot empty as is?

Today I’m linking up over at Primitive & Proper…

You might want to pop by to check out the other projects. Thanks for hosting, Cassie!

And thank you, my friends, for stopping by today ūüôā

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Simply Spectacular… Totally Affordable!

Simply Spectacular… Totally Affordable!

Adding a little touch to your space doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming… Have you got a second?     Hydrangeas picked fresh from my Dad’s garden… Displayed in a vinaigrette bottle thrifted for $1.00. Simple, affordable style. Created in minutes, enjoyed for…