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Sweeeet Car-o-line…

Sweeeet Car-o-line…

Do you remember that tune? You know, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond? No, he wasn’t in my music collection either, but he was my Mom’s favorite! Anyway, Sweet Caroline. What’s up with that? Well, Sweet Caroline, Margarita, Marguerite, and Illusion Emerald Lace are the ornamental…

A Little Garden Tour

A Little Garden Tour

I promised you a little garden tour after scattering the¬†freshly painted terracotta pots around. So let’s get started! Welcome. This is the planter that greets you at the front door. A new terracotta pot filled with some colourful stuff! I got some great buying tips…

DIY: Giving Terracotta Pots A Second Life

DIY: Giving Terracotta Pots A Second Life

Last week I took a little gander at my random collection of plant pots, you know to start thinking about prettifying the yard a bit. I love terracotta pots, but mine have definitely seen better days.

Like this one!

Chipped Terracotta Plant Pot

This is the biggest one I have, and it’s been around for at least 10 years, not to mention through a move or two…

Here’s a few more added to the mix.

Prepping Terracotta Pots to Paint

See what I mean? The big pots are in pretty tough shape around the rim.

So I decided to paint this bunch and give them a new life. It’s not like there’s anything to lose, right?

I started by brushing off all the dust and dirt with a stiff-bristled hand broom, and then lightly primed each pot with spray primer.

Primed terracotta plant pots

The wind showed up just in time, and made spraying evenly almost impossible.

I decided to give this Krylon ‘Make-It-Stone’ textured spray paint a try.

Krylon Make It Stone Spraypaint

But I didn’t notice until it was too late that this paint is an indoor paint. Oops! Oh well, like I said, there’s not much to lose at this point.

The pots took the paint really well, but they looked a little boring all sprayed out in stone.

So I went over the rims and sprayed them black instead.

Painting Terracotta Pots

I was trying a little ombre touch here, but a few days later, decided I didn’t really like that either! My technique was a little too blotchy, don’t you think?

So I prepped the pots for another coat of the Krylon Stone to go over the Ombre attempt.

Taping Terracotta Pots to Paint

This additional coat made a big difference to the finished look. I liked the outcome much better than the first round.

Here’s a little peak at round two.

Krylon 'Make It Stone' & Black Rim

I think they look better like this, even up-side-down ūüėČ

And since I liked the way the pots looked, I gave them a few clear coats to seal them, and called it a wrap. Hopefully this will help protect the ‘indoor’ paint from the elements, at least for this season!

Want to see them all planted up?

I stayed with bright red Geraniums and Dracaena in all the pots. They’re pretty hardy plants that I usually manage to keep alive!

I wanted the red to pop against the black and stone colours of the pot, and once the Geraniums fill out, I think they’ll be showy.

The Rhodoes in the background are actually our neighbours, but we get to enjoy them as a backdrop!

Remember the ‘before’ of the big planter?

Chipped Terracotta Plant Pot

What do you think of it now?

Notice the water on the rim? I think that’s a good sign that the sealer is doing its job!

Have you painted terracotta pots for outside? Were you happy with the results?

We spent our weekend weeding, and planting up flowers, herbs, and some of Makaria Farm’s famous tomatoes. I hope you’ll pop back for a little tour of what we’ve done!



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 Photos: Sheila Zeller

Hey, Sweet Pea!

Hey, Sweet Pea!

I’ve got a package of Sweet Peas all ready to go. But don’t really have a place for¬†them to grow! You see, our yard is mostly topsoil on rock, and there’s no great spot to plant the sweet peas and¬†install a trellis… that is until…

Heat Pump Surround: Wrap It Up!

Heat Pump Surround: Wrap It Up!

Remember the BBQ pad we (Dad!) put in? You can read about it here and here if you missed those posts. I hinted then that a surround to hide the heat pump might be a nice finishing touch… and doubly hinted that Dad would maybe…

A Mom & Daughter Day at Teafarm

A Mom & Daughter Day at Teafarm

Yesterday was a beautiful day, a perfect Mom-Daughter day to spend at Teafarm. Have you been? If not, it’s definitely an outing to make.

Here’s a little of what we got to enjoy…

Blue skies and bright sunshine.

Beautiful views.

Colourful gardens.

Shade from the rays of the sun.

With organic tea and sweet sampler pairing al fresco.

Look at the colour of the tea! I love the teapot – a quick flip of the lever on top, and you can steep the tea longer if you wish it to be stronger.

But this pot of organic artisan crafted tea was steeped perfectly for me! And how about the sweet sampler treats…¬†shortbread,¬†chocolate truffles¬†and¬†apple ceylon cake fresh out of the oven. Decadent and to die for!

All this was way more enjoyable, because I was with great company, too! ūüėČ

This day was on Kaleigh – it was her Mother’s Day treat! Pretty awesome daughter, don’t you think?

And for a little more Teafarm flair…

Notice the rusty chain attached to the post?

You know how I love rusty old things!

And here you see just a snippet of the original barn, which has been converted into usable indoor space.

That’s right. Teafarm is also home to Margit Nellemann’s gallery and studio where she creates, displays and sells her amazing pieces.

Here, a stunning Margit Nellemann clay vessel, and in the background, a beautifully patinaed rain chain.

Are you inspired to stop by Teafarm?

Kaleigh and I really appreciated the relaxing pace. We were able to linger over our tea, savor our sweets, and soak in the beauty around us. Conversation flowed, while time felt like it stood still… A perfect way to spend our day.¬†

Thank you for stopping by!

Photography by Sheila Zeller / Kaleigh Duralia

For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the love of rusty old things… There’s no way to really describe it. You either love it or you don’t. But if you have a love for rusty old things, then this post will make sense to you… In one word, art. Source: ehow…

Burberry Plaid. Do You Live In It?

Burberry Plaid. Do You Live In It?

Burberry… Source: Luxpresso Do you live in it? Source: Salon of the Dames Source: CoBurberry Sale Source: Burberry Scarf 2011 Do you live in it? Source: Addicted Reader 27 Source: House Beautiful via All You Need Is Style Source: Burberry Or… Do you¬†live in it!…

John Thomas Moore: Adjustable Folding Deck Chair

John Thomas Moore: Adjustable Folding Deck Chair

We’re finally rounding the corner on our weather… aren’t we?¬†Soon we’ll be thinking BBQs and the beach.

And with that comes portable chairs like the deck chair.

Adjustable Folding Chair Design by John Thomas Moore

Source: Design Boom

That’s right. The John Thomas Moore adjustable folding chair.

British businessman, John Thomas Moore (1864-1929), took out a patent for adjustable folding chairs in 1886, though deck chairs can be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

As you can see in the illustration above, the early version of the chairs were made of three wooden rectangles hinged together to form the folding frame. A rectangular piece of canvas in olive green was attached to the frame to form the seat and back support thus becoming the infamous deck chair.

You’ll often hear these iconic deck chairs referred to as the Brighton Beach Chair.

John Moore Deck Chairs on Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach, 1948

And that’s because as you see here, the chairs grew in popularity and became part of the tapestry of Britain’s Brighton Beach.

And as iconic as the chair itself, is the blue and white striped fabric that replaced the original mottled olive canvas.

Vintage Striped John Moore Deck Chairs

Source: Etsy – The Postcard Shop

Moore manufactured the deck chair in Macclesfield from 1887 onward, and by then they had become common place on transatlantic steamers. In fact, Moore supplied the Titanic with 600 deck chairs, of which only six survived the tragic sinking. Apparently, one of these was sold at auction in 2001 for £35,000 (approximately $44,000 CAD!!) and it is believed this chair had been used as a makeshift life raft!

Here you see the deck chairs on the Titanic.

John Moore Deck Chairs on Titanic

Source: Kottke (Francis Browne Photo)

Notice how their design is different from the original design, and includes a footrest?

And here you see a cane back variation of the original design, but with arms incorporated.

John Moore Deck Chair - Titanic Exhibit

Source: Trip Advisor

Since the 1940s the adjustable folding chair has made its way onto lawns, cricket pitches, tennis courts, patios and anywhere a portable comfy seat was needed, as you see in this photo.

John Moore Deck Chairs & The Beatles

Source: Meet the Beatles for Real Blog

Any idea who the gentlemen are in the background? ūüėČ

Today you’ll find the iconic British deck chair still scatters the shores of Brighton Beach and beyond.

Deck Chairs on Brighton Beach

Source: Telegraph

And we are fortunate in the last few years to have a version of the British deck chair brought to our very own shores by¬†Vancouver’s Gallant & Jones.

Blue & White Striped Deck Chair

Source: Gallant & Jones – Venice Beach Deck Chair

If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo, you might want to read about them here.

The Gallant & Jones deck chair is handmade of North American White Oak or Black Walnut, and is available in a number of bright and bold weather resistant fabrics.

Here are a few examples…

Peach Patterned Deck Chair

Source: Gallant & Jones (Janis Nicolay Photo)

Do you recognize this Vancouver beach?

Don’t the chairs look pretty sitting here?

Multi-coloured Striped Deck Chairs

Source: Gallant & Jones (Janis Nicolay Photo)

They’re named from beaches and lakes throughout British Columbia and in Great Britain, and just to show you local examples of that…

Here you see the Kitsilano and Jericho deck chairs.

Gallant & Jones Striped Deck Chairs

Source: Gallant & Jones

I think these would be perfect around our new and improved BBQ area, don’t you? Especially once the plants are all potted up and in bloom.

From John Thomas Moore to Gallant & Jones… these deck chairs have come a long way, yet only gotten better with age!

How about you? Would you like a set of these chairs, too?

I really like the simple construction and lines of these deck chairs, and what I love about Gallant & Jones carrying on the legacy of John Moore’s design are the vibrant fabrics they use. But what I really appreciate is their environmentally conscious integrity around the construction of their deck chairs, and this: with every deck chair purchased a tree is donated and planted through the LOVE TREES PROGRAM. Gallant & Jones – environmentally responsible AND design savvy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Image sources credited beneath each photo.

Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

I was feeling a bit at loose ends looking for a mini project, but not sure which one to tackle. And then I found my inspiration over at Decor Adventures. As soon as I saw Jessica’s photo of the garden orb lights, I knew what…