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Poppies Stretching to the Sky… Let Us Remember


On this day…

We remember.

We pay tribute,

And hold solemnly,

Those who gave their lives…

For our country.

For our freedom.

For us.


Let us remember those who rest…

Those who lay down,

And were lost but never lain to rest.

Let us remember.


And let us imagine Flanders Fields

Look up to the sky,

From the ground beneath the poppies,

Row on row.

Let us remember.


Ursula Rettich  Photograph - Sea to Canvas


And just as this poppy stands tall, alive and free,

Reaching to the sky…

Our fallen heroes were reaching, too.

In honour of their courage,

Let us remember.


Ursula Rettich Acrylic on Canvas Poppy - Sea to Canvas


And let us remember…

That once-tall poppy standing alive and free,

Reaching to the sky,

Now suspended in time,

Forever freed.

Let us remember.


Lest we forget.



Credits: Photo and abstract art, ‘Self-Seeding Poppy‘ by Ursula Rettich, Sea to Canvas

Never Forget.


 In Flanders Fields, John McCrae 1915

Never forget.