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Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!

Vintage Trash Cans: I Forgot About Oscar!

When I wrote about vintage waste bins the other day I focused on the pretty little ones you would typically find in a bathroom, bedroom or office. And then I got this comment from my DLBwest friend, Tracey Ayton of Tracy Ayton Photography. Have you read her blog?…

Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

We have finally gotten Kaleigh’s selection of New York photos up on her wall, and do you remember the gold mirror I was spray painting for her? I wrote about it here. Well we have it hung up too! Here’s a little walk through of…

9/11: Full Circle

9/11: Full Circle

With the confirmed death of Osama Bin Laden, suddenly the post I was preparing for today felt insignificant. So instead, I am sharing a few photos taken last August when my family and I were in New York, and took the time to visit St. Paul’s Chapel to remember…

I will never forget that visit, just like we will never forget September 11, 2001. And now, May 1, 2011 will mark the day that 9/11 came full circle.

The time-line of tragic events on 9/11:

There are many exhibits inside St. Paul’s Chapel…

This cross is made out of metal from the Twin Towers. A symbol of strength rising from a time of crisis and grief.

Here you see new construction under way at Ground Zero…

The Twin Towers will not be replicated. Instead a new tower will be built in their place.

I love seeing the American flags on the cranes.

A show of unity and commitment to new beginnings.

Can you see the crane between the buildings?

That’s Ground Zero.

The new construction is a testament to the words above the entrance of St. Paul’s Chapel, ‘Out of the Dust’.

And today, there is renewed hope for fresh beginnings, and for peace.

This lantern outside the entrance to St. Paul’s Chapel is a reminder that the light will always shine brightly when there’s hope, trust and faith.

Thank you for taking a moment…

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs © Sheila Zeller

Doorways Revealed!

Doorways Revealed!

Yesterday I shared some amazing doors with you, each rich with its own character and distinction. Were you able to guess where these doors are? If not, it will come as no surprise to you that they are all in New York… from one end…

9/11: A New Tapestry

9/11: A New Tapestry

Today is the 9th anniversary of 9/11, and today I have a much more personal connection with that day than ever… Just 3 weeks ago my family and I were in New York, and we took the time to go to St. Paul’s Chapel where,…

Off to NYC… Just A Little Inspiration!

Off to NYC… Just A Little Inspiration!

If you’ve ever watched HGTV/Food Network’s ‘Restaurant Makeover’ and had the pleasure of seeing Chef Lynn [Lynn Crawford] in action, then you’ll understand why I watched her HGTV/Food Network mini series, ‘Pitching In’. Chef Lynn is pure soul; and her passion for creating exquisite meals is an understatement. But the reason I was so intrigued to watch ‘Pitchin’ In’ wasn’t for the cooking aspect (if you know me, then you’ll know the kitchen isn’t where I love to spend my time!!!), it was for the reason Chef Lynn opted into the journey of this  mini series. Lynn Crawford was the Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Manhattan in New York for years, preparing culinary delights for the ‘Rich and Famous’, but she says somewhere along the way she lost her passion, and so she wanted to go back to the roots of ‘food’ to try and find her passion again.

I believe we all have a passion for what we are meant to do, and if we are doing something other than what feeds our passion, we are on the wrong path.

So where am I going with all this? I am going to New York! What better place than New York to soak in colour, texture, scale (definitely scale!), and of course avant garde ‘anything and everything’ from historical to modern extraordinaire? I can’t wait for the osmosis of design inspiration to set in. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you when I return. And as for Chef Lynn… well, have you heard of Ruby Watchco?

Until then, here are a few images of the places I’ll be seeing, and some of the things I’ll be doing…

A colourful glimpse of ‘The city that never sleeps’.

New York City at Sunset

Uptown Minds

This just makes my heart race!

And ‘Les Halles’, Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant (he’s the chef that never sleeps!)

Anthony Bourdain Restaurant - Les Halles NYC

Virtual Tourist

After dining here, I bet we won’t want to sleep, either!

Of course, there’s Times Square, which is the area we will be staying in.

Times Square at Night - NYC

Top World Cities

I can’t wait to see Times Square at night. Did you know, Times Square is where the famous photograph, ‘The Kiss’ was taken?

Hhhh, so much to see in so little time…

Yellow Taxis in NYC

Scallywag and Vagabonds

Sitting in traffic is just not an option! We’ll be walking, walking, and taking the subway too!

And what’s a trip to New York without at stop at a deli? Like maybe, ‘KATZ, that’s all!’

KATZ Deli - Where Harry Met Sally

Enjoy Your Holiday

KATZ Deli is not just ‘any’ deli. It was established in 1888, and is famous for, ‘Send A Salami To Your Boy in The Army’. And yes, there is a story behind the catch phrase, ‘KATZ, that’s all!’

Do you remember the dessert scene in, ‘When Harry Met Sally’? Well, did you know, it was filmed at this deli?

When Harry Met Sally - I'll Have What She's Having Sign

Gastro Gazette

We’re SO off to ‘have what she had!’

But the biggest reason we’re headed to NYC at this time…

Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway, NYC


Is to take in the brand new musical, Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’! This is our main Broadway attraction, and we are super excited to see it!

If there’s a NYC heart, there’s a pulse!

I love NYC Art - The Suite World

The Suite World

Hhhhhhh, I think I heart New York already 🙂 Seriously, what’s not to love?