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‘Propping’ for Victoria Vintage Expo: A RetroTable Makeover

‘Propping’ for Victoria Vintage Expo: A RetroTable Makeover

If you’ve been following along then you will remember all the DIYing that went into ‘propping’ for Audrey Would!’s booth at last year’s Victoria Vintage Expo. If you missed all the frenzy, there was… (1) A pine bookcase that got Hollywood Glammed! (2) A piano bench that jumped…

A Chic New Look With Country Chic Paint!

A Chic New Look With Country Chic Paint!

I thrifted this sad little table almost a year ago; you might remember this shot I shared back then of my rescue piece. The lamp, however, was SO left behind! Overall the table was in pretty rough shape, other than the leather top. When my…

Curb Appeal. It’s ‘For You’, not just ‘For Sale’!

Curb Appeal. It’s ‘For You’, not just ‘For Sale’!

You hear so much about curb appeal in today’s world of home staging, a slower real estate market, and of course, on every social media and home improvement channel going! Don’t get me wrong, curb appeal is an absolute must if you are selling, but what about if you’re not?

This is where I notice the little touches are often overlooked. You know how it is, coming and going on a daily basis and suddenly things disappear?

Enter my Dad’s home.

Dad's House Lanterns - Before

It’s hard to see in this shot, but the house lanterns are brass and badly pitted. Once Dad was on board to let me give them a quick refresh, he had them down before I could take my usual ‘before’ shots. That’s just the way he works!! 🙂

Here are some close-ups in preparation for the quick makeover.

Before - Lanterns

Before - House Lanterns

See what I mean about pitted?

There was also a set of house numbers by the main door needing some TLC, too.

Before - House Numbers

Ignore the GRAPES lettering, there’s nothing sour about this DIY, lol!

Love projects with my Dad – he set everything up so all I had to do was arrive and start painting… since this was my idea, after all! 😉

Here’s a little peek at the project in progress…

After - Lanterns

After - House Numbers

I used two variations of Rust-Oleum flat black spray paint.

Rustoleum Flat Black Spray Paint

I started off with the Universal paint & primer in one. I used the whole can to do all three lanterns and the house numbers, so I think it provided great coverage, and it definitely went on very smooth. I used the Painters Touch for the second coat and a few touch-ups here and there, but this time I only used half a can.

Here’s a look at the ‘afters’ with everything back in place.

Lanterns - After

Lanterns - After

Sharp, right?

Lanterns, House Numbers - After

Notice the doorbell? When I left, Dad painted that too! Way to go, Dad!!

In this overall shot, it’s hard to see the difference…

Dad's Lanterns - After

But when you get up close and personal there’s no comparison!

So my point is just a reminder that the little things in everyday living matter. Take the time for basic upkeep, and enjoy your home while you’re in it! Trust me, there’ll be lots of other projects if the day ever comes to sell, that you’ll be happy you stayed on top of these! And no, Dad’s not selling!

I have to say, my Dad is a master at staying on top of the little things. There’s never too much out of place, or needing to be done. Yah, that’s him scouting for weeds!!

Do you have any warm weather projects on the go? Any that you’ve scratched off your list of ‘to do’? And how about you, do you agree, it’s better to love your home while you’re in it??

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

A Mini Porch Repair… Curb Appeal Love!

A Mini Porch Repair… Curb Appeal Love!

Not sure if you remember, but back when I shared our DIY BBQ Pad project I mentioned another project that was on our ‘to do’ list. A little porch repair… We had to wait out the weather (like 3 months worth of waiting!) before we could…

Giving Back by Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Group

Giving Back by Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Group

Have you heard of the Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists and ReDesigners group? Just think, VISSR! VISSR is a group of business women on Southern Vancouver Island who meet once a month as colleagues and collaborative professionals. VISSR is a mix of home stagers, interior stylists…

A Belated Reveal: Golf Course Staff Area

A Belated Reveal: Golf Course Staff Area

Way back in December I wrote about volunteering some of my time/services for the Ladysmith Golf Course clubhouse renovation (here).

The project is now complete, and I’m able to share the before/after photos specific to one area in particular where I was able to assist.

Here’s a look at the staff area before it all began.

The staff area is at the back of the room facing the front counter where customers are served… and this was the first impression impact!

The golf course is run by volunteers, and the budget for the overall inside renos was tight. The whole inside was basically gutted and redone, so it was important to be careful how money was spent.

Here’s a look at the reno in progress. The fridge was rerouted (to the left), and a new coffee service station was installed (to the right). The cash register doesn’t live on this counter, so just ignore that it’s there.

The open space between the fridge and coffee station is all that’s available for the new staff table and chairs. And this is where I came in.

Do you remember my very rough sketch of the space slated for the table and chairs? Oh, and that the building is round. So not only is the space very small, but it’s quirky to fit furniture into as well.

Well, quirks aside, here’s a look at the table and chairs finally set into place.

The fridge was shuffled as far left as it could go, but because of a newly installed baseboard heater, which was also fit as snugly into place as possible, it couldn’t go any further left. The new coffee service station is fixed in place, so there’s no room for movement there.

So the only option was to take good measurements, and be able to trust them when I was sourcing the table set. And trust me, it literally came down to the inch. On top of the physical limitations of the space, options were further limited once budget was factored into the equation.

But it all worked out perfectly in the end.

Here’s one more look at the before and after…

There’s enough room to push the inside chair back, and get in and out with ease, which was one of the things to consider.

And isn’t closed storage a great way to go? So much tidier for that first impression impact on the new customers who’ll be coming out to golf this year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

Happy New Year… With A Little Gold!

Happy New Year… With A Little Gold!

Happy New Year! I’ve been enjoying my little break, but missing all of you, and I’m super excited to be back! And so I wanted to get back at it and start 2012 off just right by revealing the mysterious project I was working on for…

Volunteering Helps Make Things Happen!

Volunteering Helps Make Things Happen!

I’ve been lending a hand to the Ladysmith Golf Club with some consultations, and a bit of this and that. You might remember the exterior makeover. Members have been working very hard through the Fall to give the inside of the clubhouse an update. As well…

Vintage Dry Bar turned TV Cabinet: Reveal

Vintage Dry Bar turned TV Cabinet: Reveal

I am so excited to finally be able to write this post! It’s been a journey, for sure, and I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way. What would I do without other blogs to refer to for guidance, trouble-shooting, encouragement… and most of all, to learn that I’m not alone when a project decides to show its challenging colours. Have I mentioned how much I love the blogging world?

This is where it all began, which I wrote about here.

Sitting in the FREE SHOPPING bay at the local waste management drop-off site.

And this is after all the hard work is done, but still needing the new knobs to be put on.

The colour in this shot is truer to how the cabinet actually looks than in the photos below.

This is how the story ends. Once a dry bar cabinet, now repurposed into a TV cabinet.

Sitting renewed and pretty in Kaleigh’s room. The cabinet really is more turquoise than this!

And the tip-up front that gave me so much trouble through the painting process now opens with a spring loaded magnet instead of having to lift the lid to release the original latch. This way Kaleigh can access her PVR when she’s watching TV, and hide it away when she’s not.

Kaleigh opted for just the 2 glass knobs, and didn’t want any knobs or pulls on the tip-up front. That’s why we had to use a spring loaded magnet.

I bet you’re wondering what the big repurposing deal was all about. It looks like just a simple paint job, new knobs and it’s good to go. But there was a whole lot more that went into this project than that…

So for those of you who might be interested, here’s a little breakdown. And if you’d rather skip this part, I just want to say, thank you for reading. Thank you for cheering me on and for encouraging me when I was so discouraged. Now that it’s all finished, I’m so glad we stuck with it – I couldn’t have done this without Kaleigh’s help, or Clemens’ (aka hubby’s 😉 ) either! And the best part is that Kaleigh LOVES her new cabinet 🙂

Prepping, priming, filling, sanding, painting, etc. – Oh yes there was trouble!

  • Original hardware was removed – holes had to be filled where hardware wasn’t going back – that was a lot of filling… and sanding
  • All hardware going back on had to be cleaned – I wrote about that ordeal here and here
  • Cabinet had to be saturated in TSP for a deep cleaning – it had years of built up grime stuck to it – a putty knife and Goo Gone were needed to remove a very stubborn, very stuck adhesive residue here
  • Used KILZ latex multipurpose stain blocker primer – found out later it didn’t work!
  • Applied 2 coats of BM Tropicana Cabana (matte) – all good so far
  • Then a final polyurethane clear gloss coat – NOOOOO! There was tannin bleed-through – I wrote about that setback here 

So the project had to be started over again – back to sanding everything down

  • And trying a different primer for stains – this time I used ZINSSER’S oil based Primer Sealer Stain Killer
    • TIP:  you can paint latex paint over an oil based primer, but not over an oil based paint
  • Round 2 – bought new Tropicana Cabana paint, this time in semi gloss – polyurenthane gloss wasn’t coming near this cabinet again!
    • TIP: semi gloss is a great finish for durability and some shine, but doesn’t show scratches & dents like a gloss
  • Tip-up drawer was not painting out well – I rolled – I brushed – I sanded – I brushed – I sanded some more – I brushed some more – it looked awful
  • Read that the paint might need thinning – bought FLOETROL to thin paint and help it spread
    • TIP: Floetrol really works! It made a HUGE difference in how my paint went on, and how the brush marks really did blend in with drying


  • Had to buy new screws for piano hinge – was hard to find the right size in brass
  • Rest of cabinet went back together like a dream!
  • The tip-up front used to latch closed, and you had to lift the lid to release the latch. With the TV on top this would be a problem. So we removed the latch and replaced it with 2 spring release magnets.
  • We had to drill a hole in the back for the PVR cords to go through – that was definitely the toughest part for us – we really didn’t want to make this hole, but it had to be done.
  • The screws for the replacement knobs were way too long because we opted not to use the mounting plate behind the knob – it took a few tries to find screws that would work
I’m sure there’s more, but this gives you an idea of what went on behind the scenes!
And now I’m working on my Pinterest Fall Challenge. Will you be doing something too?

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Vintage Dry Bar to TV Cabinet: Almost There!

Vintage Dry Bar to TV Cabinet: Almost There!

You’ve been so patient… and we’re almost there! My repurposing project, a cabinet turned into a TV stand for Kaleigh that started back in in early September, and hit a few road bumps here and here, is on its final stretch. All the painting is…