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DIY Distress: Repurposing a Cabinet Set-back

DIY Distress: Repurposing a Cabinet Set-back

Okay, we’ve hit a road bump 🙁 Kaleigh and I have been working away on repurposing her TV cabinet, but I haven’t posted any pics yet because we really want to finish it first. And so far it’s been coming along really well. That is…

Summer Pinterest Challenge: My Rocking Chair

Summer Pinterest Challenge: My Rocking Chair

Did you check out the Summer Pinterest Challenge? Today is the reveal of our Pinterest inspired project! I have been pondering repainting my oak rocking chair for some time now, but just never settled on the colour. This is my Pinterest inspiration…  (here) I really…

Reclaimed Railway Ties

Reclaimed Railway Ties

Reclaimed railway ties. What do you do with those?


Have you seen a table and chair set like this lately?


I love this set. It has such a presence. It makes me feel like I want to take a seat and be part of the conversation going on around the table. How about you?

And when the conversation is finished…


Can’t you just picture retiring to another room where this console table backs something a little more comfortable to relax in?

Maybe you will have a few notes to jot down from the lively conversation that just ended.


Can you picture yourself sitting up to this desk to do that?

And if you needed to pull one of your special edition books…


How would you like to pull it off a shelf from this bookcase? I SO want this bookcase, but maybe x3 or x4 of them!

At the end of the night, when it’s time to tie things up ;-)…


Do you think coats and hats might be retrieved from this rack?

Would you like to go for a stroll out to your garden…


And have a seat to get lost in your thoughts? I know I would…

There is so much history connected to the railway, its roots winding and bending far and beyond. And to have a décor piece made from railway ties is to reconnect with a time that was, but that still lingers on.

I’m seriously trying to figure out how to make those bookshelves magically appear on my doorstep! How about you? Would you like to have something made from reclaimed railway ties?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Thanks Dad!

Thanks Dad!

Yesterday was Father’s Day and for me it’s a day I love to celebrate my Dad. He’s the best. My Dad is always there when I need him, sometimes when I don’t 😉 He has a listening ear, lending hands, and eyes that observe… trust…

Staged Home: Sale Makes the Vancouver Sun!

Staged Home: Sale Makes the Vancouver Sun!

A property I staged in North Vancouver has made the Vancouver Sun! This is the actual page from the paper… the on-line version doesn’t include the photographs, so I have red-circled the Berkley property. To read the article, click here. Source: Vancouver Sun Section H2,…

Staging: To Paint or Not to Paint?

Staging: To Paint or Not to Paint?

One of the biggest things for a Stager to determine is whether or not painting will make a significant difference on the first impression, and ultimately the lasting impression. And if painting is recommended, in the end that decision is left to the client. To paint or not to paint? But is it really a question if it’s an investment in selling your property?

Check out these before and after photos.

This is the main entry of a home that was otherwise nicely painted throughout. But what greeted you first as you stepped inside was the green wallpaper.

Stairway Wall in Entry – Before

The main door opened to the left and this curved staircase was to the immediate right.

Straight ahead was this closet wall.

Closet Wall in Entry – Before

Do you get the sense of what you would see first? All the walls in the entry were covered with the green wallpaper.

Once you were inside and the door was closed, to the left was this feature area.

Feature Area in Entry – Before

More green wallpaper! My clients were already in the middle of purging and packing, so the hangers and boxes wouldn’t normally be here. But notice the reflection in the mirror. Isn’t the staircase and wall colour a contradiction to the rest of this space?

Time was a factor in prepping this property to be listed, so I knew recommending painting the entry wasn’t what my clients wanted to hear. The ‘to do’ list was already extensive, mostly exterior touch-ups and repairs, but this area was the only one in the home that felt tired and dated. And it was my responsibility to be honest about that. So I recommend that it be painted, and luckily my clients had extra paint from doing the stairwell.

My clients finished the painting after I had completed the staging, so they provided me with these ‘after’ photos.

Stairway Wall in Entry – After

What do you think? Doesn’t this area look elegant now? I love the curved wall at the foot of the stairs. What a nice feature.

The new paint on the wall looks lighter than the stairwell paint, but it’s not really. It’s just the lighting.

Closet Wall in Entry – After

Did you notice the knobs on on the closet doors were changed out? They definitely bring an updated feel to the space. And what you can’t see is the attention to detail inside the closet. The wooden closet rod was covered with a white plastic sleeve, and all the hangers were replaced (the ones you saw in the ‘before’ photo) with wooden hangers. When you open the closet doors the inside feels bright and clean, and well presented.

I love the way this space turned out! What do you think of the reflection in the mirror now? Looks like the feature area fits with the stairwell reflection doesn’t it? No more contradiction!

Feature Area in Entry – After

This was a redesign staging, so working with what the clients already had. The mirror is handmade by an artist in their area. Isn’t it a beauty? The wall sconces were originally in the dining room, and I suggested they be swapped out to replace the ones you see in the before photo. After the painting was finished, my clients put this space back together including mounting the sconces.

Whether you’re staying or selling, can you see what a difference painting has made in the entry? What would you recommend, to paint or not to paint?

It’s about selling your property. From coaching you through the pre-listing process to staging your property, when we’re finished you’ll be ready to list… We make the biggest impact when you contact us first. Creating a ‘welcoming’ feeling is our goal; showcasing your investment is what we do!

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Curb Appeal: What To Do About That Picture!

Curb Appeal: What To Do About That Picture!

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