IDSwest 2012: Reclaimed Wood Creations by Matthieu LeBlanc

Matthieu LeBlanc Stump Table

With a design show as fantastic as this one, it’s hard to capture it all. Soaking it in is yet another story! In fact, I’m still soaking in the whole weekend of the Interior Design Show West held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

There were so many amazing displays of quality, craftsmanship, and pure creative genius, I don’t even know where to begin. But, since Matthieu LeBlanc’s reclaimed wood creations was definitely one of my favorites, why not start here?

Want to take a peek?

These sculptural arc lamps are made of apple wood.

Matthieu LeBlanc Reclaimed Wood Creations

And their base from a piece of beach combed mahogany washed up on shore!

Matthieu LeBlanc Arc Lamp Base

Isn’t it stunning?

And how about this gorgeous table?

Matthieu LeBlanc Stump Table

Matthieu calls this the ‘Footprint’ table. Can you see it?

And what’s a design show without amazing seating?

Matthieu LeBlanc Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool

This signature bar stool is made from Douglas fir.

Here’s another look, you know, a little more up close and personal!

Matthieu LeBlanc Douglas Fir Bar Stool

Love the grain in it!

Yes, these pieces are all made from reclaimed wood. Either donated, salvaged, or beach combed. Beautiful wood with its own history, a fresh start and the beginning of a new story… and the storyteller, the master behind the artistry, Matthieu LeBlanc.

Just a little taste of so much more!

What do you think? Can you see one of these pieces in your home? Which one would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by!

Photography: Sheila Zeller


Wood, Wood… Everywhere!

This year’s IDSwest show featured lots and lots of wood… reclaimed, live edge, native inspired… and in a venue like the Vancouver Convention Centre, the aesthetic was set before you ever entered the show.

Lets’s take a look.

Here we are at the top of the escalators you ascend from the street level entries.

Did the ceiling capture your attention too?

Believe it or not, this area, though tremendously open and spacious, has a calm, peaceful feeling about it.

And that’s because of the walls, the most incredible walls I’ve ever seen, made with pieces of local BC Douglas Fir…

(Photo Source)

Aren’t they amazing?

Quiet is how Tom Morin describes them. His company built the walls, all the feature panels like these that you see throughout the Convention Centre… if you would like to learn more about these spectacular architectural features, click here for a short video and hear from Tom himself.

And now turning around at the top of the escalators, this is what meets your eye on the other side…

The enormous globe is a reminder of all things planet Earth… a great segue into the featured wood designs of the show.

Are you ready?

Here at the foot of the escalators, en route to the IDSwest exhibits, you are given a sense of what you’re about to see.

A magnificent live edge table with the IDSwest show guides beautifully layed out.

When you step inside, the room is alive and sparkling with ambient light… but that’s another post!

Back to live edge…

This is the exhibit of Live Edge Design from Duncan, and I thought this was a great place to start since that’s where I live!

This table is incredible. Made from a reclaimed maple slab, the center boasts a glass inlay over river rock detail.

I LOVE these one-of-a-kind dining room tables!

Another variation on the use of live edge, was presented by Bowerman’s Handcrafted Furniture.

What do you think of this fusion of styles all in one piece? I’m loving the base underneath the live edge slab.

This next piece is their Black Tusk coffee table.

It’s also a blend of styles, a combination of contemporary and rustic, and was built with salvaged fir.

And then there’s AyA Kitchens & Baths. They’ve taken a live edge to a very modern edge.

If you saw this live edge breakfast bar…

Would you believe it was connected to a modern prep sink set in manufactured stone?

Scroll back up to be sure. You will see the kitchen window and nearby cutting board in the background of both these photos!

And here Maple Art Custom Furniture owner/artist Andres Schneiter’s pieces lean to a Mid-Century Modern flair.

Clean lines and style that never get tired. If you’re MCM at heart, you’ll love Andres’ custom creations.

Once A Tree Furniture, in business for over 30 years, has definitely mastered the craft of clean lines and style…

This is a table that would pair well with just about any chair and not look out of place.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture just because I like the name so much!

You can see they are still in the process of setting up, but I like it just the way it is… well maybe I would hide some of the cords, but I like the industrial look that’s unwittingly going on!

And to borrow the phrase, once a tree, it seems like a good fit for these native inspired pieces created by Sabina Hill.

As a West Coast girl, these stunning pieces caught my eye. The raised ovoid glass over the cut out designs adds depth, as if reflecting the soul of each piece. I wish I could’ve taken a photo looking at the tables from the other way around as the designs are showing up-side-down here, but there was a professional photo shoot taking place, so I had to be mindful not to get in the way!

This is a close-up of the Thunderbird armchair.

I love the mix of red and black leather, because these colours remind me of the traditional button blankets, a further connection to the culture behind the design.

Brent Comber. What can I say?

His sculpted objects are incredible. Here you see his solid sphere creations in the foreground, and if you look closely, under the right side of the table in the background you will see a solid sphere holding up that end!

This is a close-up of a solid sphere that looks similar to the one underneath the table.

Isn’t it amazing?

And here is a close-up of the table from another angle.

I LOVE this!

And I love that there is so much focus and commitment to create pieces from salvaged wood, reclaimed materials, and a continued effort for environmentally conscious choices.

What piece is your favorite… or can you pick one?

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I Heart Gwyneth’s Bookshelf!

I was thumbing through my September ELLE DECOR and stopped short when I came across Gwyneth Paltrow’s 12 things she can’t live without. I LOVE her bookshelf!

Source: Elle Decor

Isn’t the custom placement for each book awesome? What a creative way to level them so they are all even at the top.

This caught my eye because we have some beautiful old books that I would love to really feature. They’re the kind that you love to own, seldom read, but will never part with!

These are our books.

They currently sit on a book stand my Dad made for my hubby. And I’ve tried to place the books so they work together, but it’s hard to do on this stand. The bottom shelf is slanted, not flat, and it’s slatted at the back. So placing books on their side is a no-go because they just slide right through. And as you can see, the books vary in height and thickness.

But with Gwyneth’s design…

Well, the possibilities are suddenly endless. Can you imagine this shelf made out of a reclaimed railway tie perhaps? Or an old beam… or a piece of salvaged live edge (you pick the wood!)?

Yes, I can see it now! And what a cool compliment to the newly acquired cabinet that I wrote about here!

What’s your solution to displaying odd sized books?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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