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For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the love of rusty old things… There’s no way to really describe it. You either love it or you don’t. But if you have a love for rusty old things, then this post will make sense to you… In one word, art. Source: ehow…

Giving Back by Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Group

Giving Back by Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists & ReDesigners Group

Have you heard of the Vancouver Island Stagers, Stylists and ReDesigners group? Just think, VISSR! VISSR is a group of business women on Southern Vancouver Island who meet once a month as colleagues and collaborative professionals. VISSR is a mix of home stagers, interior stylists…

Getting Fresh With Herbs

Getting Fresh With Herbs

Fresh herbs speak the language of summer and sunshine… of all that’s good and right in the world. So, here’s a little round up to help you get started.

Let your imagination run wild with these cool, creative container ideas!

Like the aged look of these metal tins…

Source: Save on Crafts

Or the pretty colours of vintage ones, too…

Source: My Cakies Blog

Repurpose baskets and fabric totes…

Source: Flaming Petal

Showcase antique and vintage wooden crates…

Source: Coulson MacLeod Blog

Source: Angels and Urchins

Even feature antique sewing machine drawers for something new!

Source: Knick of Time Etsy Shop

Make your herbs portable in a vintage milk bottle basket…

Source: eHow

Pretty up your windowsill with an old zinc box and other vintage buddies, too…

Source: Carol Spinski

What about planting up a good old fashioned typewriter?

Source: Ideas to Steal

Or a fishing tackle box…

Source: Craftzine

Maybe hang some mason jars on the wall…

Source: Not Just A Housewife Blog

Fill up a hanging veggie basket…

Source: Telegraph

Or fill up a few dresser drawers!

Source: Ideas to Steal

Give your herbs a front row seat…

Source: On the Table Blog

Or a sideline view from a garden bench…

Source: Karen Cromwell

Have these ideas got your wheels turning?

Maybe you can find an old wagon wheel to plant up like this…

Source: Marla Leggette on Pinterest via Nicole Wilford on Facebook

Isn’t this just way too cool? Thanks to my friend Nicole Wilford for sharing this one on Facebook. I would’ve missed it otherwise! Follow this link, Two Men and a Little Farm Blog, to show you how it’s done!

I hope you feel inspired by a few of these ideas. Some are old, but hopefully you’ve found a few that are new. They’re all easy to do, and will definitely be a feature in your fresh herb garden!

Are you ready to start planting?



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Got Any Skeletons In Your Closet?

Got Any Skeletons In Your Closet?

I know, I know. It’s not Halloween! So what’s up with my nosing around for skeletons in your closet? Well… If you had these remnants of ‘seen better days’ shades stashed away…  Source: Mitzis Collectibles Blog Would you pull them out and strip them down…

Side Table Redo… What to Do?

Side Table Redo… What to Do?

I picked up a great little side table the other day, and plan to give it a makeover. SZInteriors Photo But what to do? Love this vintage 1920s table. Source: 1st Dibs The distressing you see is actually the original paint starting to chip and…

Vintage Porcelain Door Knobs

Vintage Porcelain Door Knobs

When I shared my post on vintage glass door knobs, it was a huge hit. People love glass door knobs, and as one commenter shared…

 I was quite impressed with my apparent family wealth as a little girl, I mean really…who else had a gramma that could afford “diamond doorknobs”? ;)

And isn’t that the truth!

When we were out antiquing last weekend I came across this basket full of vintage knobs. And you know, porcelain door knobs are beautiful, too.

SZInteriors Photo

I love them all. I know the glass knob stands out like a sparkling diamond among the rough, but don’t you think the white porcelain knob holds its own in this crowd, too? Okay, I’ll admit, the white distressed knob demands its own attention, but we’ll save that for another day.

Seeing all these vintage knobs piled in a collectible heap, had me thinking about all the hands that turned them over time.

Source: Folk Lure Blog

And I wondered where they came from? What their next stop will be.

I love this one-of-a-kind wine stopper.

Source: Pinterest / Style Blue Print

When you see this, it’s such a reminder that the sky’s the limit for repurposing an object from one use into another.

But even just the simple beauty of vintage porcelain knobs can be appreciated for what it is.

Isn’t the patina of this antique door plate incredible?

Source: Etsy – Cracker Dog Trading

It makes the white of the porcelain knob just pop.

And so does this antique door lock.

Source: Etsy – Jack in the Box Vintage

Isn’t it gorgeous? Such attention to pretty details. No wonder vintage is in vogue!

And now with Annie Sloan chalk paint all over the scene, I couldn’t resist this blue door!

Source: Fresh Vintage Blog

Aged and weathered to perfection, I bet Annie can help you get this look.

I love the shape of this vintage porcelain knob.

Source: Just Chicken Sittin’ Blog

It makes me want to unlatch the door and step inside!

I’ve only shown you white porcelain knobs, but they come in other colours, too. The key is to find them and buy them when you do.

Source: Etsy – Maries Maison

What do you think of these ones?

There’s just something about the old knobs that can’t quite be replaced.

What are you up to this weekend? Will you be searching for something new with a vintage past?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. I’d love to help you with that! Contact me here.



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The Romantic Gesture In An Equestrian Gift

The Romantic Gesture In An Equestrian Gift

Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, but I promised you this post for today. See, even tweeted that it was coming! So you know all about the current equestrian trend in decor, right? I bet you’re familiar with this well discussed dining room by…

Pining for a Change!

Pining for a Change!

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to tackle a project, and my DIY list is getting kinda long! I’ve been working away at the office, you know, trying to purge it and bring some pretty into the space. But then my days got lassoed away…

Grain Sacks. Oops, I Left Out the History Part!

Grain Sacks. Oops, I Left Out the History Part!

Yesterday I wrote about European grain sacks, but I really only showed you photos of how they’re being repurposed in today’s decor. I didn’t provide you with any background or history on them. So when I received a comment from my friend, Meesh over at I Dream of Chairs asking a few questions… Well you get the picture. I couldn’t keep her waiting for the answers!

So here goes, Meesh!

1.   I wonder what the texture is like?

Well, in the photos it’s hard to tell. What would your guess be?

Here’s what I learned.

The texutre is rough and ranges from loose to tight and neat, but after many washings with lots of fabric softener, you can tame the nubby fabric to feel a little softer to the touch. Of course the argument is that the texture is part of their appeal! But just to give you a little more insight, apparently these antique sacks are tough on scissors and sewing machines. Would you have guessed that? Of course when you think about it, this makes sense since the grain sacks were made to last for many years, as in decades of heavy use beyond how we’re seeing them used today. So naturally they would have to be strong!

2.   What are grain sacks made of? (not a Meesh question, but I thought she might ask LOL)

Source: Ebay

European grain sacks are made out of hemp fabric and very thick linen, and they range in colour from sun-bleached white, warm creams, to various shades of grey. They date back to the 1800s, the textiles were handwoven or homespun, and the sacks were stitched by hand. What’s so cool is the homespun fabric was actually handwoven from crops grown on the same family farm! Which leads into Meesh’s next question…

3.   Do you know of the significance of the stripe? Its colour or number of lines?


Source: Luma Direct

The striping is indeed very significant. As it was, farmers individualized their sacks with unique striping through colours and patterns. Some even initialed their sacks with the family monogram as a further way to make them identifiable. The stripes and monograms were generally stitched or stenciled on, but some wove their unique pattern of stripes into the linen instead.

Source: Acquired Objects Blog

And if you come across a German grain sack like these below, hang on tight because they are extremely rare as few survived the wars.

Source: Trouvais

You’ll find that German grain sacks are more commonly stenciled with the farmer’s name. And something to keep an eye out for are hand painted sacks as they predate the stenciled ones. You might also come across sacks that have been inscribed with the name of the farm and the date it was established, or taken over by a new owner. Oh, I also learned the German grain sacks are a lot softer than most of the others.

So what was the point to all  of this? 

Farmers wanted to be able to identify their own sacks when transporting sugar, flour and grain to the market. And when the grain came back from the mill, the unique markings ensured the sacks were returned to their rightful owner.

That’s pretty much it in a… grain sack!

Source: Pottery Barn

And who knew I’d come across a perfectly monogrammed grain sack cushion for SZInteriors?

Source: Le Grenier

It’s made from a vintage Hungarian grain sack, and if I wanted to make it mine, would cost me $85 plus shipping from Australia!

Thanks, Meesh for asking some great questions! 🙂

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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Flower Fashion in February

Flower Fashion in February

It seems like everyone is ready for a zap of colour and a hit of cheer. How about this for a little flower fashion in February! Saw it on Pinterest… Source: Pinterest / French Essence Blog And couldn’t resist. Can you say no to tulips…