Lighting the Way

I was feeling a bit at loose ends looking for a mini project, but not sure which one to tackle. And then I found my inspiration over at Decor Adventures. As soon as I saw Jessica’s photo of the garden orb lights, I knew what to do!

Last year when we moved in we bought this set of solar pathway lights from Costco to help transform the new yard.

But we didn’t realize at the time that the sub-terrain was solid rock! You might remember our landscaping sagas from here, here, and here! And so the lights stayed in the garage, unopened, as we tended to a million other moving-in things instead.

Since then we’ve had a chance to work around outside a bit, so now I have a better idea where there’s slight forgiveness in the landscape… and according to the Feng Shui workshop I took not too long ago, lighting the pathway to our main door can be a good thing. Especially since the house numbers are mounted in a Feng Shui what-not-to-do way… did you know house numbers should always be mounted reading across? You can get away with them placed on an angle heading upwards, but never top to bottom with one number over the other, or going down on an angle.

Here’s a look at our main entry.

I’ve blurred the house number, but do you see how it’s mounted? That’s the what-not-to-do according to Feng Shui!

So here’s how I lined our pathway with the solar lights.

I wasn’t sure how to tackle the edge at the foot of the stairs because it’s kind of narrow, and I was worried about people stepping off the cement and onto the lights. Also, right in the corner at the edge of the cement is a sprinkler for the underground sprinkler system. So I was torn between placing too many lights, or possibly not enough. I went with the ‘maybe not enough option’ so I could keep the area at the foot of the stairs free. I have more lights in the landscaping around the side of the house if I change my mind.

Here’s where I placed those lights…

There’s 6 in total. Can you see all 6?

I would’ve liked to scatter them vertically a bit more, but trust me, that ground is ‘rock solid’ underneath!

Lucky us, the lights charged enough that I was able to get a shot of them in the dark 🙂

Much easier to see now, right?

And here’s the ones out front.

Our weather has been on and off since the weekend, but I’m smiling because it was ‘on’ enough to get this little job done!

So what do you think? Would you put more lights at the front, or leave them the way they are?



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Photos by Sheila Zeller