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DIY Platform for a BBQ

DIY Platform for a BBQ

So today my hubby and I were going to level out the area where out BBQ sits. You see, the wind flipped it over back in January, and destroyed it. But, our great weather yesterday did not hold 🙁 And so… no outside work for…

Getting Fresh With Herbs

Getting Fresh With Herbs

Fresh herbs speak the language of summer and sunshine… of all that’s good and right in the world. So, here’s a little round up to help you get started. Let your imagination run wild with these cool, creative container ideas! Like the aged look of…

Decorating Palette Pals: Drinks & Decor

Decorating Palette Pals: Drinks & Decor

Inspired by the drink!

Sometimes you see an image and it just takes you to another place. So I decided to have a little fun pairing up some summer love’n lemonades, a few adult inspired cocktails and their colour palette pals inside…


Source: Blessed By Southern Charm  / Pinterest

Source: Delish via Country Living  / Designers Guild


Source: Show Some Decor Blog / Southern Living

Source: Country Living / Perch New Orleans Blog

Source: The Perfect Palette / Brabourne Farm Blog

Source: Valley and Co Lifestyle / Chic Provence Blog

Kinda fun, right?

What’s inspired you with your decor lately?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. I’d love to help you out with that! Contact me here.



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Flower Fashion in February

Flower Fashion in February

It seems like everyone is ready for a zap of colour and a hit of cheer. How about this for a little flower fashion in February! Saw it on Pinterest… Source: Pinterest / French Essence Blog And couldn’t resist. Can you say no to tulips…

Taking the Inside Out!

Taking the Inside Out!

Here’s a small Pinterest round-up, I just wanted to share. I thought these ideas were a great toast to outdoor spaces, with a little creative use of indoor pieces! Like this deck. Pinterest / Jillian Harris It was styled by Jillian Harris… you know, the…

Spring In A Can!

Spring In A Can!

Who’s ready for Spring? Anyone???

When I saw this photo on Pinterest I was caught by the bright, cheerful colours. A welcome splash to the eyes 🙂

Did you see this photo, too?

flowers in enamel pail

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t the fresh cut bouquet pretty?

I thought you might like to see a few more. And the vintage vessels they’re displayed in!

Enamel pails, pitchers and watering cans.

Love the live ferns in these pails.

ferns in enamel pails

Source: Martha Stewart

And the table they’re sitting on. You can always count on Martha to get it just right!

I never get tired of aged and weathered pieces…

flowers in watering can

Source: Pinterest

Like this chair and watering can. Don’t they make a great pair?

To me one of the first signs of Spring are grape hyacinths.

Source: 52 Flea Blog

With their splash of deep purple-blue. They sure make a statement in this white pitcher, don’t they?

I think this casual mix of seemingly wild flowers would look great just about anywhere.

Source: My French Country Home Blog

Especially in these vintage enamel pitchers. Do you think these are wild flowers?

Roses are so beautiful, but can sometimes seem a bit on the ‘proper’ side of things.

Source: My Sweet Savannah Blog

But here in this pitcher, they feel welcoming and relaxed.

A pail full of peonies? A sidekick of mixed flowers?

Source: The Foodie Bugle

Works for me. I love peonies, and can’t resist flowers in this deep wine colour. Always takes me back to my childhood – we had a wine coloured peony bush in our yard, and it’s just one of those things that feels like home to me.

Which is probably why I was drawn to this pitcher filled with these ammyrhylis…

Source: Arren Williams

This pitcher isn’t vintage, but does that really matter when the flowers in it are so exquisite? And the string caught my eye too. You might remember it from my ‘Packaging Perfection!’ article. Great way to add a little extra flair to a display.

Do you think this pail of flowers and grasses was dug up in a clump from the garden?

Source: Etsy

I’m thinking it was, and can’t wait for Spring to come!


How about you?

Source Unknown

Vintage enamel pitchers, pails and watering cans. Great for vases… ready and waiting to be filled!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how I can help.



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A Labour of Love in Colour

A Labour of Love in Colour

Every Spring my Dad and I put together silk flower arrangements to place with my Mom. With the heat of the summer, fresh flowers just don’t last. We tried the first summer to keep up both cut flowers and potted plants, but it was just…

Happy Mother’s Day Ursula

Happy Mother’s Day Ursula

I have this book called ‘Family Wisdom’ by Susan Ginsberg, and it’s a collection of all kinds of quotes, sayings, and thoughts by many famous people. In amongst was this Yiddish proverb: A mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law in one house are like two cats in…

Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Curb appeal is the first impression to the rest of your home regardless of what actually lies within. And if you’re selling, it speaks to a potential buyer’s emotions: will it begin their love affair with the property or be giving them a silent message to turn and walk away?

This is the main entrance to a privately owned home. It’s not for sale, but is in need of some exterior maintenance and TLC.

What things can you see that are in need of repair and/or TLC in this picture? Hint: I see 6 or 7 at a glance, but there are some less obvious ones too!

If this was your home, what would you do?


If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!


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Hot Cross Buns: A Family Tradition

Hot Cross Buns: A Family Tradition

Today is Good Friday, and as a kid growing up we always had home-made hot cross buns, fresh out of the oven on Good Friday. Even as an adult, when I lived near my parents Mom would bring down a batch for our household to…