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Hey, Sweet Pea!

Hey, Sweet Pea!

I’ve got a package of Sweet Peas all ready to go. But don’t really have a place for them to grow! You see, our yard is mostly topsoil on rock, and there’s no great spot to plant the sweet peas and install a trellis… that is until…

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Have any plans for some fun in the sun? Source: Etsy – Banjo MDF Shop Looking for some ideas? Source: Picnics in the Park Blog . Source: Raggy Girl Vintage Blog . Source: Home Spy Shopping Blog . Source: Jackie Fogurtie Events Blog . Source:…

A Mom & Daughter Day at Teafarm

A Mom & Daughter Day at Teafarm

Yesterday was a beautiful day, a perfect Mom-Daughter day to spend at Teafarm. Have you been? If not, it’s definitely an outing to make.

Here’s a little of what we got to enjoy…

Blue skies and bright sunshine.

Beautiful views.

Colourful gardens.

Shade from the rays of the sun.

With organic tea and sweet sampler pairing al fresco.

Look at the colour of the tea! I love the teapot – a quick flip of the lever on top, and you can steep the tea longer if you wish it to be stronger.

But this pot of organic artisan crafted tea was steeped perfectly for me! And how about the sweet sampler treats… shortbread, chocolate truffles and apple ceylon cake fresh out of the oven. Decadent and to die for!

All this was way more enjoyable, because I was with great company, too! 😉

This day was on Kaleigh – it was her Mother’s Day treat! Pretty awesome daughter, don’t you think?

And for a little more Teafarm flair…

Notice the rusty chain attached to the post?

You know how I love rusty old things!

And here you see just a snippet of the original barn, which has been converted into usable indoor space.

That’s right. Teafarm is also home to Margit Nellemann’s gallery and studio where she creates, displays and sells her amazing pieces.

Here, a stunning Margit Nellemann clay vessel, and in the background, a beautifully patinaed rain chain.

Are you inspired to stop by Teafarm?

Kaleigh and I really appreciated the relaxing pace. We were able to linger over our tea, savor our sweets, and soak in the beauty around us. Conversation flowed, while time felt like it stood still… A perfect way to spend our day. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Photography by Sheila Zeller / Kaleigh Duralia

John Thomas Moore: Adjustable Folding Deck Chair

John Thomas Moore: Adjustable Folding Deck Chair

We’re finally rounding the corner on our weather… aren’t we? Soon we’ll be thinking BBQs and the beach. And with that comes portable chairs like the deck chair. Source: Design Boom That’s right. The John Thomas Moore adjustable folding chair. British businessman, John Thomas Moore (1864-1929),…

Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

I was feeling a bit at loose ends looking for a mini project, but not sure which one to tackle. And then I found my inspiration over at Decor Adventures. As soon as I saw Jessica’s photo of the garden orb lights, I knew what…

DIY Platform for a BBQ

DIY Platform for a BBQ

So today my hubby and I were going to level out the area where out BBQ sits. You see, the wind flipped it over back in January, and destroyed it. But, our great weather yesterday did not hold 🙁 And so… no outside work for us today, but here’s a look at the mini project anyway.

Here’s where the BBQ usually sits.

Photo: Sheila Zeller

Well, this is the one that ‘got away’, but we’ve bought a new one.

And this is the little area we need to level.

Photo: Sheila Zeller

Well, not exactly… this is how it looked when we moved in. But we’ve since relocated the drain pipe, and pulled all the weeds. Do you remember the whole landscaping project back in the summer? (You can read about it here, here and here). We need to maximize this area so the BBQ can be swung away from the house when we’re using it.

The spot is only about 4′ x 6′, so we’ve been looking into paving stones, aggregate slabs, and a few other options. We also want to incorporate a tie-down system to secure our new BBQ in place from the nasty winds we get.

Here’s some of our inspiration.

Source: Growing Image

Source: The 2 Minute Gardener Blog

Source: Bourget Bros

Source: Pool and Patio

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

I know we’ll have to be careful how much space is left between whatever we decide to use for paving stones or slabs, and if we go gravel in between, it’ll have to be small, but this area really is so tiny that I think we’ll be able to get away with more than most.

I think we’re headed off to at least look at our paving stone options!

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I hope whatever you’re doing, it’s a great one!



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Getting Fresh With Herbs

Getting Fresh With Herbs

Fresh herbs speak the language of summer and sunshine… of all that’s good and right in the world. So, here’s a little round up to help you get started. Let your imagination run wild with these cool, creative container ideas! Like the aged look of…

Decorating Palette Pals: Drinks & Decor

Decorating Palette Pals: Drinks & Decor

Inspired by the drink! Sometimes you see an image and it just takes you to another place. So I decided to have a little fun pairing up some summer love’n lemonades, a few adult inspired cocktails and their colour palette pals inside…   Source: Blessed…

The Summer of To Do & Done

The Summer of To Do & Done

So what did we do this summer?

Well… we moved. That was big!

Moving Day!… (read here)

And then we set up home…

We installed a bunch of shelving.

Basement Storage… (read here)

Reworked our closet organizer from the last home to fit the new master closet.

ReDesigning A Closet Organizer for a New Space… (read here)

Put in under-the-sink organizers.

Organizing Under the Sink… (read here)

Created more storage by maximizing unused space in the laundry room.

Laundry Room Love… (read here)

Even DIY-ed some racks for platter storage.

Platters… Rack ‘Em Up!… (read here)

We took it outside for a few days and turned a weed garden into something our neighbours were happy to see.

Landscaping… I’m Not Gonna Lie!… (read here & here)

And tackled more DIYs to prettify and personalize the new place!

We started in Kaleigh’s room by recovering the lid of her pine chest.

DIY Project: Re-covering Lid of Pine Chest… (read here & here)

And then sewed new covers for her throw pillows.

DIY: Sewing Up A Sea of Turquoise… (read here, here, here & here)

We created a wall of shopping art in her ensuite.

A Teen’s Collection of Shopping Art… (read here)

Went shopping for some vintage pieces to create a new look.

Vintage Amber Glassware… (read here)

And bought a wire mannequin for a corner vignette.

Wire Mannequin Makes A Stand… (read here)

The master suite got some attention too.

We found a great vintage window frame turned mirror… and added it to our space.

Intimate Reflections… (read here)

And scored on a pair of old leaded glass windows to partner up with the window above.

Old Leaded Glass Windows… (read here)

And we even hung up our drapes to get a little black-out and some sleep… I didn’t blog about that but here’s a peek at them in place anyway!

They’re still on my ‘to do’ list because I’m adding some length to the hem so they touch the floor. Did you notice the new vintage windows in place?

We also added a few other new items to our collection of things in the home.

Like the reclaimed wood cabinet I wrote about yesterday!

Reclaimed Wood, Steam Punk Style… (read here)

And I changed up the look of my old oak rocker by repainting it as part of the Summer Pinterest Challenge.

Summer Pinterest Challenge: My Rocking Chair… (read here)

We also fell in love with an art easel turned TV stand. And figured we could DIY one too! This is the easel we bought, but the DIY part is still on the ‘to do’ part!

An Artistic TV Stand… (read here)

We just need to buy a few things to attach the TV and tweak the design to suit our needs. Oh, and paint it too!

And right now Kaleigh and I are in the middle of a repurposing project for her TV stand. But I won’t ruin the surprise. It’ll be blogged about once we’re all done!

So that’s a little snap shot of what we did this summer. We did lots of little tweaky things too, and maybe they’ll be included in a year-end wrap-up review!

But for what’s next, here’s a look at our ‘to do’ list rolling in to the Fall.

July and August went fast for us, and along with the making-a-house-a-home program, we did remember to have some fun… well for me this is fun, but I mean we did find time to do other things too. I bet you read about some of those adventures in my other blog posts this summer 😉 And now we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

How about you?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!


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