Make It With A Grain Sack

Vintage European grain sacks.


Source: The Textile Trunk

We’re seeing a lot of them in today’s decor, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling the love. Want to see how they’re being used?

Grain sacks repurposed into pillows like this are right at the top.

Source: Freckled Laundry Blog

You’ll see them paired with grain sack throws, and other vintage pieces, too.

Like this sign.

 Source: Boat Shed Chic Blog

It says ‘Dentist’ in German.

And these vintage mirrors.

Source: An Indian Summer Design Blog

Don’t you just love the look of this wall of mirrors?

Table runners are another popular DIY choice with grain sacks.

Source: Etsy

Source: Dreamy Whites Blog

So pretty, and not very hard to do.

But how about using grain sacks for a stair runner?

Source: Dreams on 34th Street Blog

I love the turquoise stripe in them. Turquoise and stripes… a perfect combination that makes me feel happy 🙂

Even draping a grain sack just the way it is makes a statement.

Source: My Lovely Life Blog

I actually like the raw edges.

Source: Etsy

Honestly, what’s left to do?

I like the idea of grain sack placemats.

Source: French Grey Blog

I think they would wash up nicely…

And pair well with a bottle of wine!

Source: Dreamy Whites Blog

Would you like to pull up a seat and join me?

Source: House Beautiful

Notice how the grain sacks are placed differently on each seat? I think that’s a great touch.

Do you have anything made from repurposed European grain sacks? I don’t, but sure would like to! Hmmm… guess I’ll add another thing to my DIY wish list 😉

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