For the Love of Panels!

How was your weekend? Was Saint Patrick’s Day good to you? We had a quick whirlwind adventure spent with family, and are now getting our feet back under us. And yesterday I spent the latter part of the day finally striking another thing off the ‘to do’ list. My inspiration was spurred on by this recent comment left on my Duvets: Wool or Down post…

I bought the same duvet cover from Urban Barn and on sale as well! Just trying to find curtains, so was trying to maybe find another set to make curtains. We also bought the “Tree Prints” from Urban Barn to hang above bed. Same sort of colours. Anyways, just wanting to see what you did for curtains? [Thank you so much for leaving this comment, Diane!]

I’ve had blackout curtains up for some time now out of sheer (no pun intended 😉 ) desperation for darkness, in spite of the panels being about 8″ too short.

And I’ve had fabric for almost as long to alter the panels and create the additional length needed. Okay, I’ve had the fabric since the middle of July – gasp!

Here’s a look at the fabric that’s been hanging around… waiting… and waiting!

I wanted something that would pull the very small bits of green out of the duvet cover, but it was hard to find the right weight and sheen to work with the existing drapes. I thought about a pattern insert, but again, just had a hard time finding anything in the right colours that wouldn’t overpower the small area of pattern at the foot of the duvet cover.

Here’s what I did with the fabric.

Pretty basic in the end. I left the bottom of the drapes the same length as the bed skirt (15″), and made up the 8″ needed with the two fabric inserts. The gray stripe is slightly wider than the green one, about 1″. I wanted the eye to connect the duvet cover to the stripes, and the bottom of the drapes to feel like an extension of the bed skirt.

Here’s a look at the drapes when they’re closed.

I underestimated how long this little redo was going to take. There are 4 panels, and I opted to leave them separate. I toyed with sewing two panels together for each side, but just didn’t. So by the time I had squared the fabric, cut the strips, sewed everything together, etc., etc., and did the hand finishing on each of the ends (that’s 8 ends x two colours of thread!), my little project took me about 8 hours. A super speedy sewing whiz, I am not. I can get the job done, but don’t ever put me on a production line!

If you want to do something like this and need a great tutorial, check out my friend Carol’s over at The Design Pages.

The best part for me is being able to finally cross this off my ‘to do’ list. I procrastinated because I don’t love to sew (did you already guess that?), and it was easy to ignore the bold white of the baseboard staring up at me every night… I just closed my eyes and it was gone! 😉

What projects have you got hanging around? Any you’d like to close the curtain on?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller