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The Macklemore Thift Shop Challenge: Catching Up & Playing Along!

The Macklemore Thift Shop Challenge: Catching Up & Playing Along!

Well… who knew? A Macklemore inspired thrift shop challenge! I caught YHL’s post just after my thrifting outing last week, and had big plans for today’s thrifting. Only the excursion was called off due to a nasty flu bug trying to swarm in. Instead, here’s what…

Rain Chains… More than Just Curb Appeal

Rain Chains… More than Just Curb Appeal

The weather is shifting and with that comes the need to pay close attention to your exterior maintenance and curb appeal. Are your gutters clean and running freely, and where is all that water going? Have you considered implementing a rain barrel (like I wrote…

Working With What You Have

Working With What You Have

I follow the blog ‘Young House Love‘ written by John and Sherry Petersik. Do you follow them too?

I find this dynamic duo to be incredibly creative, honest, and real. Their fearlessness to tackle DIY projects is refreshing and infectious. And they share their step-by-step process with us so we can tackle a DIY too!

In these photos my daughter Kaleigh is tackling the DIY project of painting her room. She’s a great painter!

Without further ado, here’s a very short video of John and Sherry describing their approach to design and decor, to living modestly and responsibly.

Wouldn’t you agree, John & Sherry’s approach is truly inspirational? Their creativity and willingness to tackle DIY projects adds a whole new dimension to working with what you have… which is you!

So here’s the thing from me to you. My approach to creating a remarkable space for you begins with you and your existing pieces. What, if anything, have you tried on your own? Where have you gotten stalled? Where do you want your space to go? What pieces tell your story, and which ones don’t? After this I will have a better understanding of your vision. And then… it’s time to let the magical transformation begin.

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Photos: Sheila Zeller

Video: Stodgy is Sexy

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