Industrial Designer Eva Zeisel… Do You Know the Doorknob Style?

Eva Zeisel was an industrial designer with a woven past in the arts. She was a Hungarian-born American who was renowned for her ceramics, mainly from the period after she migrated to the United States in 1937. But ceramics was not all she was acclaimed for, not by a long shot. Among her many pursuits, Eva also played a role in the Federal Glass Company… she was the designer behind a number of their glass barware lines.

Solid, dramatic bottoms were a signature of Eva’s style, and the ‘Prestige’ line had a base that one could say was inspired by something you see every day…

Eva Zeisel Prestige Doorknob Base

This solid bulbous base of the Prestige line was commonly called the ‘Doorknob’ style! Simple, elegant and so beautiful.

In design we constantly witness objects transcending the normal and stretching beyond the average. This is where the creative in the designer has a chance to shine, and it’s what sets great designers apart.

This amber swirl Old Fashioned glass is based on Eva Zeisel’s original design… and it has a story with a slightly underhanded edge. In the world of design it’s a story that is all too common.

Eva Zeisel Prestige Old Fashioned Glass

To learn more, pop over to Audrey Would! You will discover some interesting background behind this fiery piece of barware!

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Signature 100x47 b&w

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